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CFOS Wednesday Evening Gathering Details

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The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists gatherings are attended by like-minded people who are looking to deepen their connection with Spirit and to advance their Spiritual Growth. How their Spiritual Growth will look is as unique to each individual attending the gathering. No two people are there for the same reason or have journeyed the same path to get to where they are today. Our journey is uniquely personal and will lead us to the right place, right time and with the right people to help further our spiritual growth.  

It’s natural for people to be nervous about trying something new, whether it is a new job, activity or hobby. There is no need to worry about attending any Fellowship gathering though (in-person or online), as all newcomers and experienced

individuals are welcomed with open arms. There is no sense of “being thrown in at the deep end” as all activities will be discussed and talked through before any activity begins.

So what does this actually involve, you may wonder?

Spirit Communication and Messages with Guided Meditation

This evening is composed of two unique components to help you relax and reconnect with your spiritual self. 


During the first the first half of the evening there is a short guided meditation that will help you forget the worries of the day and assist you and achieving a deep sense of peacefulness and purpose.

During the second half of the evening our psychic/mediums provide proof of continuation of life from loved ones on the other side and uplifting guidance and support from our helping spirit team to help make our lives easier.

Guided Meditation

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During the (in-person) meditation part of the of the gathering the lights are dimmed and soft, relaxing music is played.

(Online) virtual gatherings will not have the music playing although you could have some playing in the background and

you can dim your lights and even lie down if you are inclined to do so all in the comfort of your of your own home.

Attendees then sit and are guided by the gathering leader in through a lovely and calming meditation.


It should be stressed that this is not deep meditation, like that performed by Buddhists and Yogis, rather it is intended to allow you to detach your mind from the hustle and bustle of daily living and put your stresses and physical emotions on the back burner. This then allows the spiritual aspects of the mind to take over.


This meditation will help help calm and still your physical and mental essence and leave you feeling calmed and relaxed.

Learn more about the benefits of Meditating.

Guided Healing Meditation

The above details regarding our guided meditations apply to our guided healing meditations. 

The main difference between the two types of meditation is that the healing meditation will be a journey of healing your mind, body and soul. You will be guided to facilitate healing with your helping spirits and encouraged to let go of issues that may be holding you back. Your helping spirit team will assist you to do this and most attendees feel some sort of relief after attending and participating in the healing meditation. 

This meditation will help help calm and still your physical and mental essence and leave you feeling calmed and relaxed.

Learn more about the benefits of Meditating.


Spirit Communication Messages

Each medium has their own style of mediumship but they all have one  thing in common, they are all dedicated to giving help, love and support to everyone who attends a gathering, both in-person or online.

Spirit Communication through Mediumship is where a medium proves "the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death."


The medium might be a member of our Fellowship or visiting from another the Spiritualist organization in the country or abroad.

While there is only enough time during a service for a few people to receive messages from their deceased loved ones, everyone present benefits from the messages and by witnessing proof of the continuation of life.

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In-person Gatherings

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During in-person gatherings during the spirit message part of the evening begins and when the medium feels ready to deliver a message, she/he will be drawn to an individual and that person will receive a message from the medium.

During in-person gatherings the medium will ALWAYS as ask your permission to give you a message.


An example of what the psychic/medium may

 say when approaching you to give you a message may look like this: "Can I come to the lady in the light blue shirt with blonde hair that is wearing glasses sitting in the second row?"

Please note that you can refuse to receive a message if you are not comfortable receiving one.


All you have to do is when the medium comes to you and asks if you would accept the message, simply say no thank you and the medium will move onto the next person they feel drawn to give a message to. 

Our mediums give as many messages as they can but there is only enough time during a gathering for a few people to receive messages from their deceased loved ones, however everyone present benefits by witnessing proof of the continuation of life.

Online Virtual Gatherings

Online virtual gatherings are quite different then in-person gatherings. During online gatherings each attendee is assigned a number when they log into the zoom meeting. 

The medium will also not focus in on an attendee and ask if they can give a message. It is implied that if you accept a number at the beginning of the gathering that you are interested in receiving a message.

Of course you are free to decline the number and that would eliminate the possibility of receiving a

message if you are uncomfortable in getting one. 

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During the message part of the online gathering our gifted mediums give messages via the "Blind Mediumship" method.


This basically means that the medium does not know who they are giving a message to. The medium tunes into the energy of the person who's number was drawn and brings forth a message from your passed loved ones and your personal helping spirits and angels.

This type of reading is known as " Blind Mediumship". Please note there is NO difference in the quality of the messages that come through for the attendee.


Benefits of Meditation

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“There’s no such thing as a bad meditation

- except the one you don’t show up for.”

One of the common obstacles to meditation is that we often find ourselves going at it alone, with only books or online guides to aid us in our search for steadiness.

Group meditation has many benefits for every level of practitioner. You may find the practice of meditating with a group is beneficial once in awhile, or it may be something you like to do more often. 

How often you choose to join a group is up to you, but the benefits are too great to miss out on.

Shared Experience

Beyond the benefits of the actual practice of meditation, it is actually good for people to be social and to develop relationships with those of like mind. 


Those seeking to deepen their meditation practices are typically looking to enhance their health and wellbeing, reduce stress in their lives and to connect with others who

share this path. 


Another amazing thing about shared meditation is a community develops  

around a meditation group where support, wisdom and individual healing are shared.

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You will feel a sense of harmony

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When people practice meditation together, they are each entering into a peaceful state.

They may be doing this separately, in their minds, but the energy that is created in the room (even if you are in the room of your own home), is palpable.


You can feel a sense of calmness and steadiness that they are emitting through their meditation

Your feelings of Empathy will increase

When we participate in something together, they are more likely to feel a sense of empathy with each other.


When we are meditating together, we can feel and understand what the others in the group are going through.


We understand their similar experiences, frustrations, and goals. When we can put ourselves in the mindset of others, we are able to feel more compassion for their experiences, and our connection with humanity in general deepens.

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We know meditation has tons of benefits, but it isn’t always easy. Group meditation gives us something to look forward to, they foster a sense of routine and responsibility for us to show up.  This produces a habit, which in turn makes the practice a part of your schedule, a priority and an integral part of your life.


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Similar to shared experience, a community develops in numbers, interests, conversations, scope, breadth and depth. 


This is provides a dynamic space to socialize within a group of people learning to develop mind, body and spirit practices.


When people meditate in a group a ripple effect of peace surrounding the environment grows. 


This is due to waves of vibrations that flow and connect to the collective unconscious. 


In essence, creating a field of peace can

allow us to change the environment around us, and in effect, alter the physical world for the better.

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“Meditating in a group is very powerful. The shared

intention of the group elevates each individual. When

one or more gather with the intention to heal and grow,

great shifts can occur. The group’s collective energy

has a massive impact on the world.”

- Gabrielle Bernstein

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