Types of Readings

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Alomancy Readings

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Read salt patterns on the floor after salt is tossed up into the air and lands on the ground, floor, or in a fire.


Angel Readings

Angels, archangels, guides, and ascended masters are all available to help us on

our life's journey. 


Angel readers can connect to these energies psychically or with Angel cards or tools to bring in powerful messages from these high-vibration beings.

For additional information

about Angel Readings

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Animal Readings

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Communication with animals, living or in spirit -

providing evidential details that your loved one is

present and wished to communicate telepathically or

after crossing on. Domestic or wild animals can be read! Relaying messages between you and your animals - as to needs, behavioral issues, or fears. Linking with an animal's higher self to perform a body scan, locate a lost pet, and

the animal's job or purpose in this lifetime.


Akashic Record Readings

The Hall of the Akashic Records is a location in the Universe where all information is stored for each individual.  The records can be accessed by the reader through shamanic journeying, trance, hypnosis, or through the recitation of a specific prayer.  Akashic records work can be very helpful in understanding life purpose or lessons.  In can be used to help understand or resolve issues at a soul-level.


Astrology Readings

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.  The position of the stars, planets, sun and moon when one is born are believed to have affect one's personality, shape how relationships work in one's life and predict future events such as one's economic success.


Aura Readings

Aura readings involve the observation and interpretation of auras.  The aura is purported to be a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person. Psychics have offered aura readings for many years and they have a unique ability to see or sense individual’s auras. 


Candle Readings

Divination by gazing at a candle flame, dropping wax into water and observing the shapes, or reading the shapes made by a

melting candle.

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Cartomancy Readings

Cartomancy is fortune-telling or divination using a deck of card. See also Tarot readings.


Causimomancy Readings

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Divination based on watching how or whether items burn in a fire.


Channeling Readings

Channeling is often confused with mediumship (more on mediums below); however both are very different forms of psychic communications.  All channels have the gift of clairaudience, yet the channel has a unique ability to access audio frequencies and receive information from disembodied beings such as spirit guides or angels. The channel will convey the ‘messages’ to the client.  In addition, channels will often serve as facilitators to assist clients to access their own higher guidance.   


Automatic writing is a form of channeling.


Clairaudience Readings

Clairaudience is clear hearing.  A psychic who is clairaudient will receive information through sounds.  The audio information may be either symbolic or literal.   In both cases, the clairaudient is able to interpret the meaning of the sounds to the client.

Clairsentient Readings


Clairsentient means ‘clear feeling’. Out of all the psychic skills, clairsentience is the broadest. For many, clairsentience is the ability to feel emotions and atmosphere around an experience, event, or individual.  

For others, it is the ability to feel information by touching an object (see psychometry).   Often, a clairsentient is consulted to help heal and release past emotional traumas by helping the client come to terms with suppressed emotions.


Clairvoyant Readings

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Clairvoyant means clear seeing. 


Psychics that utilize this skill have the ability to see images or visions that

are related to the individual’s life. 


Clairvoyants can tap into the energy system of the client and see the past, present, and future.  


The modern understanding of the

word psychic is often synonymous

for clairvoyant.


Combo Readings

This type of reading consists of a Medium Reading and a Spiritual Psychic Reading together during

one session.


The first half of this reading the medium will normally connect with your loved ones first and during the second half

of the reading they will connect with their own spiritual team of guides,  spiritual teachers and the Angels, to provide you with loving messages that are intended to guide you on your life path and promote your spiritual growth.

However sometimes the order is reversed depending on if your loved 

ones decide to come through right away

or to wait till other information has been given to you first. If this is the case they come through during the second half of the reading giving you their messages at that time.

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Dowsing Readings

Dowsing has traditionally been the use of a sort of pendulum or forked stick to search for underground water, but today, psychics use it to find all types of lost objects. If you’re trying to trace down a cherished heirloom, dowsing may be able to help you.


Email Readings

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This is a perfect option when you just have a few

questions and you are looking for help right away.

The medium will tune in to your deceased loved ones, guides and angels and get the guidance for you.


You can ask up to three questions on any area of your life.  Your reading answers are then emailed to you.  A follow up with the medium via email is provided.


Group Readings

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Group readings can be a fun and rewarding experience to share a unique experience with your friends, family or co-workers however they are a bit different then other types of readings.

Whether you call it a psychic party or a group reading doesn’t matter – it is simply you and six to 10 of your friends or family gathered to share in the connection with Angels, Helping Spirits and even possibly your loved ones on the other side, as well as sharing insights and messages regarding questions you have about your life path.

While everyone is socializing and having a good time, the medium will give a 20-minute private readings to each of the attendees at the party.

The medium will come to your home for this reading. Price varies depending on how many people are in attendance.


I-ching Readings

An ancient Chinese oracle that reveals spiritual based messages by tossing either coins or yarrow sticks on a table to form a trigram.   The trigram is then applied to the client’s life providing them with additional insight into their past, present, and future.


In-Person Readings

The great thing about in-person readings

is the ability to build a relationship with the medium face-to-face.

In-Person readings have a more personal quality because you are sitting in same room with each other.

Each medium gets information differently

and will give you messages via the methods 

they are most comfortable with.

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In Your Home Readings

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This is is the same type of reading as an in-person reading, the only difference is the medium travels to your home to give you your reading.


This type of reading is good if you are unable to leave your home or if the medium does not have location you can meet to have your reading.


The great thing about in- person readings is the ability to build a relationship with the medium face-to-face. 

In-Person readings have a more personal quality because you are sitting in same room with each other. Each medium

gets their information differently and will give you messages via the methods they are most comfortable with.


Lithomancy Readings

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Lithomancy readings usually involve especially suitable gems or stones that are immersed in water, or tossed as a set and read by mutual proximity. Its origins are unknown, and there are numerous different methodologies used by various cultures throughout the world. A recently more common variant is crystallomancy also known as crystal gazing. Using quartz as a crystal ball it is stereotypically depicted as gypsy fortune telling.

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