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Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists Treasurer's Responsiblites

The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists board members serve as volunteers and come

from many different walks of life. They may be teachers, lawyers, homemakers, bankers, secretaries,

business owners or other individuals from an endless list of occupations. The most important

thing to recognize is that each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to

his or her role as a board member.


The Board of Directors is the team that guides the Fellowship spiritually and financially.


While the work of the Board often involves budgets, personnel, and facilities; the board members

also pledge to support the Fellowship through their tithes, their prayers, and their commitment

to applying the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists 7 Principles of Spiritualism 

and Mission and Vision  beliefs to any situation.

We are deeply indebted to their support and

the invaluable gifts of their time and knowledge.

If you wish to contact any board member, click their name to send an email to them. 


CFOS Treasurer 2019

The duties of the Treasurer usually include the following:

1. The Treasurer keeps the Fellowship funds in a safe place, preferably a bank or credit union account, as directed by the Fellowship.


2. The Treasurer co-signs cheques with another officer, usually the president.


3. The Treasurer keeps an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures, therefore keeping the Fellowship's fiscal books up-to-date at all times.


4. The Treasurer pays accounts approved by the Fellowship.

5. The Treasurer shall be custodian for all funds and securities of CFOS with the exception of bank deposits which may also be deposited by the President. Vice-President or Secretary. All monies shall be deposited in a bank chosen by the Board.


6. The Treasurer submits regular financial statements at monthly meetings of the board of directors and executive committee.


7. The Treasurer submits an annual report showing receipts, payments and balance on hand. (The president "puts" the question of adopting the report and this, in effect, approves the treasurer's report.)


8. The Treasurer oversees the development of the Fellowship's budget and its presentation to the board for consideration and approval.


9. The Treasurer monitors the budget and advising the board of directors of forthcoming expenditures, problems and any other financial management issues.


10. The Treasurer ensures that funding sources, members, governments and their agencies receive timely and accurate financial reports.


11. The Treasurer reports to the board each month and works with our accountant at year end for the tax return, and sometimes in between. He or she also prepares the year end financial report with help of our accountant, for the AGM.

12. The Treasurer is a full time position.

13. The President usually has the credit card but the Treasurer can be in charge of the credit card.This actually works out best since the Treasurer has to record and balance all transactions anyway.


14. The Treasurer assigns membership numbers for new members and keeps the membership in order as well.

​15. The Treasurer shall notify each member of yearly dues two weeks prior to the due date.

16. The Treasurer is the one who keeps the financial records, keeps contact with the bank and PayPal and pays the rent.

17. The Treasurer deposits and withdraws money when needed. Keeps track of all tally sheets.

18. The Treasurer keeps up on all payable accounts sets passwords for those accounts and looks after any

complaints regarding those accounts.

19. The Treasurer balances the Petty cash each month and keeps the event change envelope up to

date with $100 in small bills, so it is always ready for any event day.

20. The Treasurer keeps up to date (monthly) the inventory if any as well as submit any cheques that may

be needed besides the regular ones.


21. The Treasurer must get permission from the board for any purchase costing over $30 with the exception of monthly rent.

22. The Treasurer need the balances from the Visa and all particulars. ( Telephone,

Insurance, Domains, Web Hosting, Rent, Utilities if any)

23. The Treasurer shall provide any newly elected Treasurer with all records within ten (10) days of election.