Can you imagine that a simple beverage that you drink almost every day could also be used to

predict your future? It might sound pretty unbelievable but did you know that there is a

whole branch of fortune telling that is purely based on reading tea leaves?

The art of reading tea leaves goes by many names, mainly Tasseography, Tasseomancy, and Tassology.

In this type of reading, the tea leaves are analysed and interpreted for patterns to predict a person’s

fortune. Sometimes readings are done with coffee grounds or wine sediments. However,

tea leaves are the most popular choice in this kind of divination.

In this popular workshop you will learn how to prepare the tea for a reading and how to interpret and

read the actual tea leaves symbols. At the end of this workshop you will have a concrete

understanding about how to read tea leaf patterns for yourself or others.  

For more in depth information on reading tea leaves visit: 

Tea Leaf Readings

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