The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists is an independent, non-denominational, inter-faith Spiritualist Fellowship who respects everyone

for their unique qualities. 


We gather in safe community to celebrate

Spiritualism in an equal energy exchange

through love, thought and communication.



Our Fellowship gathering begins every Sunday afternoon at 2:30 and ends as close

to 4:00 as events will allow.

Fellowship Social following gathering 

from 4:00 - 4:30

Guest speakers are subject

to change without notice.

Our Sunday gatherings and events are held at : 

Oriole Community Centre  2975 Don Mills Road West, Toronto M2J 3B7

Our Fellowship Sunday service is a sacred place of peace and tranquility, where you can come to renew your

physical and emotional self—and connect to Spirit!

We look forward meeting you there!

The time before the service begins may be spent in

 quiet reflection or mingling with other worshipers.

Our Sunday Fellowship Gathering consist of three main parts: 

A Lecture / Reading on a spiritual topic,

Mediumship Spirit Communication

and a Healing Service. 


Each part lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Our services contain no rituals but follow the format below:

Opening Prayer

Introduction of Chairperson, Speaker, Medium

Mention of Service Format

Recite the Principles.

The religious philosophy of Spiritualism is based upon 7 Principles.  Our Principles are not binding rules

or the basis for a dogma. They simply give sound guidance on how to live our lives and are a good foundation

for building upon a personal philosophy. Follow link for more information on the 7 Principles of Spiritualism.


Reading - Book or Excerpt


Minister or guest speaker delivering a sermon or lecture delivered.

The lecture / reading part of our service are usually spiritual / inspirational topics.  The lecture / reading

will cover a variety of topics ranging from the History of Spiritualism to Inspired Insights. It also

includes examples of how Spiritualism is a part of our lives on a daily basis.


Announcements of Fellowship activities and upcoming events etc.


Fellowship Free Will OfferingBlessing of the contributions

(Possibly another song/hymn)

Spirit Communication and Proof of Survival.

During this part of the service the medium gives messages from spirit guides, spirit teachers and

deceased loved ones. They prove the continuation / existence and personal identity of individuals

continue on even after our physical death.


The featured medium is often a member of our church or they could be a visiting medium from a

different Spiritualist church. Occasionally we have mediums that are traveling abroad scheduled to

deliver messages as well. Our mediums give as many messages as they can but there is only enough

time during a service for a few people to receive messages from their deceased loved ones, however

everyone present benefits by witnessing proof of the continuation of life.

Song/Hymn Peace on Earth

Healing and Meditation

Recite healing prayer.

Introduction of healers.

Chairperson guides meditation, calls when healing chairs are available and 

makes last healing notification.

At this time the Fellowship also participates in a distance (absent) healing.  Any fellowship member

can add names to the list and healing will be sent to them. 

Thank people in attendance, closing prayer.

Fellowship gatherings are conducted in a relaxed

atmosphere and everyone is welcome to attend!

        At the end of the gathering everyone is invited to our Fellowship Social, meet with

like-minded people, develop new friendships and maintain old ones.  This is a wonderful opportunity to socialize and discuss spiritualism and related topics with others.

        Refreshments are provided.  We welcome any refreshments or

treats you may want to bring to share with others.

The social on Sundays is from 4:00 - 4:30

The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists is a volunteer 

operated non-profit organization which rely on donations to cover

our costs and thrive. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and

will help keep our doors open to assist those in need

of spiritual enlightenment, support and healing.

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Wednesday & Thursday Gathering Location

19 Van Horne Ave

Toronto, On M2J 2S6

Parking Available on

the Side Streets

Sunday Gathering Location

Oriole Community Centre

2975 Don Mills Road WEST,

North York, ON  M2J 3B7

Parking Lot on Premises

Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists Head Office Address:  19 Van Horne Ave. North York, ON    M2J 2S6

1-(800) 207-6916

(please leave message)

All Gatherings are online until further notice