Do you have a belief in a source of pure light and love, whether that  is called God,

Infinite Intelligence or Cosmic Consciousness?

Do you believe that God (Infinite Intelligence or Cosmic Consciousness) is expressed through all Nature?

Do you feel that true religion is gaining knowledge of and living in accordance with Natural Laws?

Do you believe that death is just the ending of our physical existence and not  the end of who we are?

Do you feel that we can talk with people in the Spirit World?

Do you believe that the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

is the highest expression of morality?

Do you feel that we bring unhappiness to ourselves by the errors we make  and we will be happy

if we understand and follow the laws of life?

Do you feel that we are eternal beings, and that living, learning and loving never  come to an end?

Do you believe that prophecy and healing are valid and dynamic expressions of a healthy spiritual life?​

If you answered "Yes" to most, or all of these questions, you may be a Spiritualist already!  

We invite you to find out more by exploring this web site,

it's related links, and by attending a service/event with us!

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Wednesday & Thursday Gathering Location

19 Van Horne Ave

Toronto, On M2J 2S6

Parking Available on

the Side Streets

Sunday Gathering Location

Oriole Community Centre

2975 Don Mills Road WEST,

North York, ON  M2J 3B7

Parking Lot on Premises

Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists Head Office Address:  19 Van Horne Ave. North York, ON    M2J 2S6

1-(800) 207-6916

(please leave message)

All Gatherings are online until further notice