Spiritual healing has been part of Spiritualism since the beginning of the movement in the mid 1800s. 

There are many methods of healing today. Spiritual healing differs from other forms of healing

in that the spiritual healer is attuned to his/her healing guides when he channels

Gods healing force to a person in need. God is the source of all healing.

Spiritual Healing is about working with illness, dis-ease, and dis-harmony from multiple angles. 

When using spiritual healing to address illness, we focus on bringing harmony

back to reinforce a person’s whole body-heart-mind health.

Spiritual healing is practised in all Spiritualist churches by the laying-on of hands or contact healing.

For the person receiving it, it is a profound experience that brings about mental, emotional as well as

physical relief; the feeling of receiving unconditional love and the sense of great inner peace.


Healing mediums also dedicate time to sending absent or distant healing to people who are in need but

unable to be present at the time. Mediums that serve as spiritual healers render the greatest service

offered in Spiritualism and exemplify the highest aspects of mediumship.

Spiritual healing is freely given in our services and can assist conventional treatment given by the medical

profession. Absent healing through thought and prayer can help patients who cannot attend church.

We also have an absent healing book in order to write in names of loved ones (including pets) to be able to

offer them healing since they cannot attend. We have also recently added a healing section to the website.

Spiritual Healing is not offered as an alternative to Orthodox medicine but is complementary to it. 

Spiritual Healing requires no faith or belief whatsoever on the part of the person seeking it. There is no

requirement for the patient to have the same religious belief as that of the healer who is administering healing.

Spiritual Healing is not related to any one religion but is a common bond throughout

all religions which all believe that God can heal.

In modern society, we expect quick fixes. Western medicine focuses on curing people through surgery,

pharmaceuticals and other medical interventions. If you have a bacterial infection, western medicine

provides the cure, antibacterial medicine etc.

Many treatments exist in western medicine. Treatments focus on curing symptoms. For example, medications

are used to treat symptoms of depression and pain. Treatments can be beneficial in acute situations. However,

long-term reliance on only treatment can inhibit healing, create a dependence on the treatment and even create

additional illness and disease. For example, antibacterial medications often create an imbalance in the gut.

Healing goes beyond medical treatment. It includes spiritual growth, intellectual expansion, physical cures

and other interventions. Healing requires digging deeper into why you got a bacterial infection in the

first place and why you have depression and pain.

Healing is usually a mixture of interventions – physical medical and non-medical, energetic interventions and mental interventions. When we transform the cause of illness/disease and grow beyond the problem, we are then focused on healing.  Healing is a whole package deal. Addressing only one element of an illness rarely leads to healing.

In spiritual healing, we create a medicine story for ourselves that includes both a curing process and a healing

destination.  We create a spiritual prescription for the body, heart, and mind and then embark upon a

healing journey. Spiritual healing is a path of transformation, a journey that connects the body,

heart and mind to free the soul.

Spirit Healing is possibly the simplest of all healing in its application as well as being the oldest. The healing energies are channeled through a healing medium. This is assisted by the healer’s spirit guides. Healing  is transferred to the patient.


The healing energies, which are not physical have quicker vibratory and frequency rates than the energies of the physical body. They need the agency of a healer to act as a transformer and cut these energies to a level where they

can then have a beneficial effect on the physical body, via the patient’s own spirit. 


Healing is ‘from spirit, through spirit, to spirit’. That is from the healing guides, through the spirit of the healer and

directed to the spirit of the patient. The healing received will then reflect in the physical body.

Spirit Healing is “the laying on of hands and prayer.”  That is basically all that is required but to make sure

that hands are laid on a patient. A prayer is said, the conditions have been met to get the best possible

result for the patient it is necessary to have some practical knowledge.


What this means is it is insufficient for any well-meaning soul to go up to another, place their hands on them

and say a prayer. While it is true that this may not hurt, it may not accomplish anything either. It

could have a deleterious effect upon the would-be healer.

The physical human body, which houses the spirit, has the capacity, through its spirit, to heal itself and

to heal others. Instinctive healing is seen taking place everywhere. A mother kissing her baby better, a

quick caress of a sore spot to make it better, holding a sick person’s hand, an inner impulse just to place a

hand on someone as a gesture of goodwill.


All these are examples of responses to a need for healing which is picked up by the spirit at an intuitive level.

There is often beneficial results from this type of ‘touching’ which is basically a transfer of energies

from one person to another. This is known as magnetic healing.


Magnetic healing is the transference of energy from one person to another.


This is usually from the healer, or would-

be healer, to someone whose energies

are low or who is physically ill.


If magnetic healing is not curbed and a

link made with the spirit healing

energies, then the healer will find him/herself depleted of energy.


Unfortunately this transference of

energy does not always have the

desired result and beneficial effects

are often short-lived.

When a healer is preparing to receive the healing energies, s/he will usually hold the patient’s hands and attune

to the patient. This creates a blend of aura energies and the healer’s vitality can give strength to a patient. After this first blending the healer then transfers his/her attunement to the spirit operators with whom s/he will be working.

Healers are, by their very healing mediumship, of a compassionate nature and there is within each one of them

the want to be instrumental in helping their patients to get better. Magnetic healing can take place

caused by the want to help.

The healer is compassionate enough to imbue within the patient, a feeling of trust and hopefulness, but,

at the same time, be able to distance him/herself to allow the healing energies channeled through him/her.

In the early days of Modern Spiritualism there were many magnetic healers who advertised their services

in the psychic magazines. Patients  supply material, such as handkerchiefs, which the healer would magnetize.

This is returned to the patient who would place it on the injured, or diseased part of the body.

Many cures and improvements were found by this treatment.

Within Spiritualism today magnetic healing is not encouraged. This is because spirit healing

is more effective and does not drain the healer of his own vital energies.

Absent Healing is Spirit Healing such as

the laying on of hands and prayer. It is without contact. and by Divine

intervention or by the Healing Energies

of the spirit guides who have undertaken

to work in this specific area.

Absent Healing and spirit healing are very important sections of a Religious Service in most Spiritualist Churches. 


During the Healing part of the service, time is spent in prayer and and when people concentrate their minds, on the needs

of the sick, whether it be in mind or body.


Many Spiritualist Churches keep a

Healing Book. In it is a record of the names

of those for whom healing is needed.


The word distant means ‘removed from’  –  ‘at a distant from’.


Distant Healing is just that  – 

giving healing to a person

but from a distance.


When a healer administers

healing using the ‘Near to

the Body’ healing method s/he is placing his or her hands within

2-3” of the patient’s body.


With distant healing that

distance could be in the same

room or across the world. 


Near to the body healing is contact healing but with the hands removed a few centimeters from the body.

Contact is not taking place.

The healing energies are directed through the healer to the patient’s aura and from there to the spirit where the healing is effected. There are many healers who prefer to work in this way.


Many patients prefer this method. Not every person likes

to be touched by another person, especially when it

is someone they may not know very well.

The effects of such healing, as with any spirit healing, are as effective as any other form of healing.


Contact does not need to be made for the healing to take place. Contact is not made

when absent healing is requested.


The results obtained from any method of healing are as substantial.

Patients who prefer Near to the Body Healing should ask such when chatting to the healer

preparatory to the healing taking place. If the healer is not happy working in this

 way the s/he will find a healing who is and direct the healer to the patient.

Contact Healing is the method used by healers who work in Spiritualist Churches.


The healer’s hands are placed upon the patient and the healing energies are directed by the

healer’s healing guides, through the healer to the patient.

Contact Healing is not dramatic. There are is no manipulation, massaging or theatrical passes and flourishes.

It is a time when healer and patient enter the stillness and allow the healing energies to flow. The healer,

may or may not, stay in the same place. Stand behind with hands gently resting on shoulders.

The placing of the hands is important.  The healing energy will then reach the spot for which it is intended.

Some people like to think that the healer has placed his/her hands on the site of the pain which may be correct.

It may not be the site of the cause of the pain. Patients and healers, therefore, should relax and allow that the

guides know what they are doing. Accept that energies are absorbed by the patient and utilized as required.


Healing has always been an integral part of Spiritualism. We are all multidimensional beings, comprised of body,

mind and spirit, and all aspects need to be nourished and cared for. More specifically we are spiritual beings

trying to fit into these temporary bodies and live in the denser, slower reality of our physical lives.


As spiritual beings we are acutely aware of subtle changes around us and affected by many forces that we might

not yet even be conscious of. We are living in times that are rapidly changing, and our lives, our vibrations

are changing just that quickly also. More light is coming into our world and we need to listen for that still

small voice that guides and leads us to newer, greater experiences and understanding.

We have all come here for a higher purpose and finding that will be much easier if we are balanced and

healthy and focused on our specific goals. There is no way to find that information outside of ourselves. We must

care for ourselves and be open to those that would help us go within to find and listen to our own Higher Will/Self.


All of our ministers at the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists are healers. They are all mediums and

teachers, and every one of them has much to teach us. Come with open hearts and minds and know

that there is a great deal to be gained from interacting with such wonderful people.

Throughout the year many different

classes are offered, and you shouldn’t 3

miss any of them. Classes on healing

are exceptional, and you are

all welcome to join us.


Each Sunday during our Fellowship gathering you will find a Healing

Service. It is very much like a guided meditation.


The lights are lowered, soft music

is played, and gentle words will lead

you to a safe, quiet place. Words to

help you turn inside and find your own insights and purpose.


These are meditations you can use throughout the week to continue

to grow and change.

Bring whatever disturbances or discomforts you have and allow one of our

Spiritual healers to assist you in your search for wholeness.


Illness may be thought of in many ways, but spiritually it is best seen as an opportunity for growth, a

message from your soul. Your soul will draw illness or pain to you in order to teach you. Even the exact

place of your discomfort is a message for you. Face your disease, learn what you can from it,

and it will no longer be of any consequence for you.

Most people facing any kind of injury, illness, or pain are filled with fear. What will be lost?

What have I done to deserve this? How am I going to manage?

Face your fears. Hear what your soul means to tell you, what you are meant to learn. Work with whatever

resources you have, and KNOW that you are safe. Nothing is going to happen to you that you cannot

handle. You are surrounded by love and assistance, and you only have to ask for help.


Has this happened just to slow you down and turn you inward? Is there more to learn? Are you on the right path

for your higher purpose? There is so much to be learned; perhaps this is an accelerated time of growth for you.

You deserve to be whole, healthy, happy, and joyful. It isn’t selfish to ask. It is your perfect right.


Join us, please, and let us share with you our deep belief in lives made whole by caring for the self,

finding our own path, setting goals, and living our dreams. Then help others to do the same.

Source: https://www.memorialspiritualistchurch.org/healing-

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