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We all need someone to provide us guidance, support, and direction in our lives. It’s wonderful that we

have Spirit Guides who will never leave us alone. They are always there to guide us and help us to

achieve our life’s purpose.

Every living person has one primary Spirit Guide who has been with him or her from the time they were born.

Other guides will come at certain stages in our lives, and only stay temporarily until they have done their job.

Each person has four to seven guides around them all the time. Your spirit guides bring the wisdom and

perspective of many lifetimes, and, best of all they have no personal agenda! They are

simply there to help YOU on your soul journey.

A spirit guide, in western spiritualism, is an entity that remains as a disincarnate spirit to act as

a guide or protector to the a living incarnated human being. 

What is a Spirit Guide
What is a Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides, unlike angels, were humans once. They have reincarnated many times as ordinary humans until such

a point in time when they have mastered all their earthly lessons, not needing to be reborn in a physical body again.


They work closely with humans to comfort, guide, teach, and enlighten us, in achieving our soul’s purpose.

As former human beings, Spirit Guides are very much aware of the problems that we usually face every day.

Spirit Guides have their own special areas of expertise, commonly associated with their

personal experiences or careers they had during their human lives.

The purpose of Spirit Guides is to provide help and guidance to humans. As spirits, they have higher vibrational frequencies than humans do, so we usually cannot see them, hear them, but we can

sometimes feel their presence.

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Spirit Guides are helpers, friends, and mentors

that accompany us on our earth journey.

These wonderful beings of light find compatibility

and kinship with our qualities, abilities, vibrations,

and personality. Through this affinity, they choose

to be our companions and link to our

lives and spiritual purpose.

Whether we are Spiritualists or not, we all have

Spirit Guides that remain with us through the

thick and thin of life. Sometimes they are known

as Angels and there are many accounts of people

who have felt the touch of their protective

wings when danger threatened.

Most of the philosophy of Spiritualism has come to us from these wise souls through their mediums

here on earth. Well known among these exalted Spirit Teachers are Silver Birch, whose medium was

Maurice Barbanell, and White Eagle, who taught through his medium, Grace Cooke. Their teachings

and wisdom have inspired many of us to awaken our own Spirit and attain to the

highest and the best on our journey.

Mediums work in close partnership with their Spirit Guides who take an active role in message work, healing, inspirational speaking or writing, music, art, teaching or trance. It takes many years to establish this close relationship and those aspiring to mediumship require much patience and dedication to stay the course.

Spiritualism teaches us that through meditation and

raising our vibrations, we can make contact with

our Spirit Guides.

Even when we are unaware of them, Spirit Guides help

and guide in subtle ways, often by opening new

doors of opportunity, sometimes with

gentle messages in our dreams.

Our true essence is Spirit and we are, in

fact, Spirit here and now.


Our third principle affirms the truth of the Communication, Guidance and Healing from Spirit and Angels. This

communication from Spirit to Spirit is a natural and

loving process, whether it is between spirits here on

earth or between spirits in this world and the next.

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The joy and comfort that these communications bring, especially when they are between loved ones in

Spirit and those still on earth, are among greatest gifts of Spiritualism.


Spirit Guides are the loving facilitators of these special encounters. It is reassuring to know that

wherever we are, we are always in good company.

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How Does One Become a Spirit Guide?

Spirit guides had one time lived in a physical form, and they have spiritually progressed to a point where there

is no longer a need for them return back to earth in human form, because they have already mastered all

the earthly lessons that needed to be learned.

On their final lifetime on earth, they will enter the Spirit World, and then become a Spirit Guide.

They will then start to work with humans to help them move forward on their own spiritual paths

on earth. They assist us in completing our chosen life lessons.

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Spirit Guides - Your Invisible Helpers

Spirit Guides gives spiritual guidance to us in our daily lives. Working with Spirit Guides will strengthen

our willpower, lighten our mind and mood, assist us with self-healing work, and help us become more

compassionate with those around us.

Spirit Guides also provide assistance in different areas of our lives, such as family relationships, career, finance,

health and wellness, death and grievance, spirituality, life purpose, and many other areas. They help you connect

with the right resources, people, money, books, etc. in order to reach your goals. They also offer wisdom

and comfort when you feel lost.

Some people are naturally aware of their Spirit Guides and can communicate with them regularly. You

can contact them by simply speaking to them out loud, or by using your inner voice.

Spirit Guides have energy vibrations much higher than ours, so they need to lower their energy vibrations

to connect with us. A name is the most powerful energy vibration there is, so by calling out their name, you

keep an energy cord connected between you and your Spirit Guide. It keeps your vibrations inter-matched,

and it’s easier for your Spirit Guides to communicate with you.

Response may come in the form of a sign, gut feeling, coincidence, an idea, or thought, that manifests in

the following days or weeks. You may not even realize you have received a response, as often times

people have mistaken their help as their own ideas or solutions to problems.

Spirit guides are those who have chosen to watch over you and keep you on your life path. They will

give you assistance and guidance when asked, and will leave you alone when ignored. When you try

to reach a spirit guide, be sure to ask for only the highest and best good to ensure messages

are coming from a place of love.

Certain guides will stay with you your whole life, and others will come and go as they are needed.

Spirit Guides are non-physical beings.  Many of the Guides you work with have had at least one physical

life before (not always though), especially your Main Spirit Guide.  They come from all backgrounds and

vary in size and age. While your Spirit Guides work together as a collective, they do have

individual names that will resonate with you. 

Different Spirit Guides and Their Roles

Gatekeeper Guide

Your Gatekeeper Guide has been with from the moment of your birth.

It’s your Gatekeeper Guide’s job to keep you safe from all physical and spiritual threats and

providing you with the ultimate protection.

While it’s your Gatekeeper Guide’s job to protect you, this guide will not interfere with your

life lessons or any hardships included in your learning.

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A gatekeeper guide is like your own personal bouncer, keeping you

away from bad places and keeping negative entities and energies

away from you. They also protect your Akashic records!


These guides will send you memories to help you heal and gain knowledge and wisdom from your soul memories.


Gatekeeper guides will block negative energies from reaching

you and allow passed loved ones, your higher self, and everything

that is in the greater good to communicate with you.


They help psychics and mediums by blocking lower vibrational

entities from reaching you when you are in meditative states,

dreaming, or opening the doorway to other dimensions

(like when channeling or astral projecting).

Here are other specific tasks your Gatekeeper Guide does for you

Your Gatekeeper Guide can step forward when you feel like there are too many

spirits around and bar them from entering your space.​

Your Gatekeeper Guide is like a professional bodyguard and can make unwanted spirits leave your space.

Your Gatekeeper Guide is like an agent and can decide which spirit energies can connect with you and when.

Your Gatekeeper Guide can decide which persons or spirits are the best ones to connect with

Your Gatekeeper Guide can also impede communication with a certain spirit

if that spirit will distract you from your goal.

Your Gatekeeper Guide can work with other entities who can help you and manage your

other guides who are already with you.

Gatekeeper Guides live up to their title.  They keep healthy boundaries to whom we connect with in Spirit.  

Gatekeeper Guides are on continuous duty.  Imagine someone who stands guard around you with a

clipboard and checks a list of names!  They keep track of when it’s time for other guides to enter our lives.

In addition to spiritual protection, they can give great insight as to why a new guide has shown up in our lives. 

Even if your Gatekeeper Guide is not speaking individually, they have coordinated with the member

of your Guidance Team who may be speaking and they also manage the information that is shared with

you at the time of your reading.  If you have ever had a Past Life Regression, they have been

the Guide who revealed what you needed to know and see in the regression.

Your Main Spirit Guide / Life Guide
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This is a guide that will stay with

you from birth.


They have guided you your entire

life and often come up first

in readings.

They manage the other guides that

will come to you throughout your

life and help them to assist you.

Protector Guide

Protector guides will often choose the form of large, strong beings.


These spirits are usually human, but can also be large, strong animals like elephants, tigers, etc.


These guides are always with you

and appear when you need to be protected – like when you need

extra strength, courage, willpower,

or bravery.


Think of them like spiritual bodyguards! They will watch over

you, and help you to stay away from distractions that make you wander away from your intended path

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Ascended Master / Master Guides
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These are guides often found by people who do spiritual energy work. 


An ascended master who appears as a spirit guide is often a being that led a physical life and has

moved on to a higher spiritual plane–for example, Buddha, Krishna, even Jesus.


Ascended masters usually work with collective groups of souls. In other words, if you've got an ascended

master hanging around you, you're not the only one he or she is helping.


Their primary focus is that of helping all of humanity. It's not uncommon for an

ascended master to have access to Akashic records.

Teacher Guide
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These guides will appear to you as you need them.


They can take on different forms based on the

lessons they are there to teach.


Teacher guides will send you signs and clues, will appear

and lead you through meditations when needed, and will

help you in your dream state.


They appear when you need them and leave when the

lesson is taught and you are back on your path.

Ancestral Guides
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An ancestral guide is one who can claim some sort of kinship with you, such as your dear Aunt Tillie

who died when you were ten. It may also appear in the form of a long-dead ancestor.


In some schools of thought, these entities are seen as reincarnated guides, because they are the spirits

of someone who loved us during their physical lifetime, or who had some sort of blood connection to our family.


Some people, depending on their religious upbringing, may see these types of guides as guardian angels.

Animal Guides
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These guides show up especially during adversity in your life. They don’t stay with you,

but rather show up as needed.

Your animal guide is not that of one specific animal, but rather the energy behind that animal family.


You can call on this energy when needed. Spirit animals have the wisdom and knowledge of the ascended

with a grounded nature and connection to mother earth. The animal guides will reflect your inner nature

at the time and can change as you do.

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