The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists board members serve as volunteers and come

from many different walks of life. They may be teachers, lawyers, homemakers, bankers, secretaries,

business owners or other individuals from an endless list of occupations. The most important

thing to recognize is that each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to

his or her role as a board member.


The Board of Directors is the team that guides the Fellowship spiritually and financially.


While the work of the Board often involves budgets, personnel, and facilities; the board members

also pledge to support the Fellowship through their tithes, their prayers, and their commitment

to applying the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists 7 Principles of Spiritualism 

and Mission and Vision  beliefs to any situation.

We are deeply indebted to their support and

the invaluable gifts of their time and knowledge.

If you wish to contact any board member, click their name to send an email to them. 

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CFOS Secretary 2018

The duties of the Secretary usually include the following:

1. The Secretary is in charge of and ensures the safety of the minute book, correspondence and other records belonging to the Fellowship.


2. The Secretary distributes copies of minutes and agendas to all board members before the regularly scheduled meeting.


3. The Secretary collects written reports from the committee chairpersons and distributes them as required.


4. The Secretary maintains the files and records of the Fellowship for future officers, including copies of letters, grant applications, annual reports, briefs and proposals.


5. The Secretary receives and reads correspondence, and brings it to the attention of the appropriate officer.


6. The Secretary confers with the president to ensure awareness of pending business.


7. The Secretary records motions and decisions of the meeting. Committee reports should also be filed with the minutes.


8. The Secretary sits at the front table, near the president.


9. The Secretary reads all pertinent letters received by the Fellowship at the request of the president.


10. The Secretary acts as chairperson if both the president and vice-president are absent, and appoints an acting secretary for that meeting.


11. The Secretary stands:

a) to read minutes of previous meeting; and

b) to read correspondence.


12. The Secretary participates when appropriate in discussion and voting.


13. The Secretary acts as a signing officer of the Fellowship.

14. The Secretary shall receive all membership applications and fees with a receipt provided to the member, as long as the Treasurer allots the membership number.

15. The Secretary shall transmit a report at each Board meeting and at each annual membership meeting.

16. This Secretary shall maintain updated records of all members.

17. The Secretary shall receive all membership applications and fees with a receipt provided to the member.

18. The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence as determined by the Board and shall maintain a file of all Church records, past and present.

19. The Secretary when required may have the phone.


20. The outgoing Secretary shall provide the newly elected Officer with all documents and reports with a ten (10) day period.


Suggestions For The Secretary In writing the minutes of a meeting,

the secretary should record the following:  


a. The type of meeting (regular or special);  

b. The name of organization;  

c. The date and place of meeting;  

d. The number and/or names of members present and names of special guests;

e. The statement that the minutes of the last meeting were or were not read and approved;  

f. All business transacted, including motions made, names of members who moved and seconded each motion and whether the motion was carried or defeated;  

g. Committees appointed - names of members and the terms of reference;

h. Committee reports and their disposal - accepted, tabled, etc.;  

i. Statement on correspondence handled by the meeting;  

j. Any special features of the meeting, such as the program;  

k. Time of adjournment; and  time and place of next meeting, if not indicated in by-law of the organization.

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