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Rhys Wynn Davies Mediumship Demo
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Born with Celtic ancestry Rhys Wynn Davies is an Australian professional Psychic Medium who inspires, demonstrates and teaches people about psychic mediumship and spiritualism. Rhys provides personal, group and platform readings to large audiences throughout Australia and works internationally in over 12 other countries.  

Next to his Spiritual work Rhys also has three degrees as an environmental scientist, with a specialization in

Environmental Restoration. Over the past 15 years his business planted over 8.5 million trees in Australia.

Focusing now on his spiritual path, his love for the forests has allowed him to remain grounded and

focused as a Medium. To this day he continues to plant a tree for every reading he does.

We are looking forward to this evening,  International medium Rhys Wynn Davies will be joining us during

his Canadian tour and we couldn't be more delighted. Rhys is a gifted medium and attendees are

sure to be delighted as he brings forth messages from loved ones and spirit.

Gathering Cost:


CFOS Members $20.00

Non Members - $25.00

There will also be a draw for a 15 minute reading with Rhys.The willner of the draw will have their

reading the same evening during the fellowship part of our gathering.

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