Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualist is fortunate to have many great people who tirelessly serve our

Fellowship in many ways. Among them are out Ministers, Mediums and Healers.

These volunteers  run development circles, meditation evenings, workshops and help organize

the various events we have during the year. Some serve on the Board and

in other Fellowship committees. No matter how they serve, these individuals

are truly the pillars of our Spiritual community.

Some of these individuals also offer private mediumship readings. To assist with

our ongoing Fundraising they have offered to donate a portion of the

monies collected from bookings received via CFOS. 

If you are looking to have a private reading CFOS will arrange the details for you.

Simply follow the steps below to arrange your private reading. ​

Reading prices vary based on the length of time you choose for your reading.

Reading prices are the same price regardless of reading type with the exception of 

in-person readings which are slightly higher in cost. The medium has to travel to

your home, so those costs are factored in. In-person readings have a

limited travel range, contact us to see if you are within the travel range. 

60 Minute Readings


45 Minute Readings


30 Minute Readings


15 Minute Readings


In-Your Home In-Person Reading

Price Varies based on Location of your home and

length of reading selected

Group Reading

Price varies on type of 

Group Reading

All major credit cards are accepted securely through PayPal.

Joann Anderson

Rev. Marilyn Gaitskell

Erma MacDonald

Our friends and loved ones who have died have only surrendered their physical bodies.

Their spiritual essence lives on. Although they are absent from our physical world,

their love and connection with us never dies. When you have a reading with

one of our mediums, their job is to connect you with your Spirit Guides,

Angelic Messengers, friends and loved ones. We welcome the opportunity

to share Spirit’s messages of love, healing and forgiveness with you.

Mediums have different

ways they get messages from the

spiritual realm. 


The type of reading the mediums 

give will be based on how they 

receive messages from spirit.  


You can find the type of readings

they offer in their bio


Select the type of reading you would

like to have based on the

medium of choice and the style

of readings they offer.

1. Please take a look at the medium bios below to see what extraordinary individuals they are!

2. Decide on a couple of days and times you would like to have a reading on. 

3. Choose the length of reading you would like.

4. Fill out the Book a reading form, making sure you include at least three different 

days/times that would work for you. We will contact the medium and

arrange the reading at a mutually agreeable time.

5. After receiving confirmation of the day and time of your reading, we will contact

you via email and/or phone. Your reading must be prepaid before the

scheduled date and the email will direct you how to do this. 

Please note that your reading day/time is not finalized until

after your full payment has been received. 

6.  Once your payment has been received you we will send an email confirming your 

reading date, time, place (if applicable), and the medium it will be with. 

Enjoy your reading we thank you for helping us with our fundraising.


Although the mediums are all members of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists, the services offered are independent

of our fellowship. We cannot be responsible for the content or services rendered, nor does a placement on our website

constitute an endorsement. If you have a reading then please be aware that you take full

responsibility for any decisions you may make as a result of that reading. 

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