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Psychic Fair Gathering of Mediums Readings
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The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists a Gathering of Mediums Fairs 3-4 times a year.


These events are our main fundraising venues and the money generated from them allow us to 

have a flexible operating budget and help us continue to keep our doors open and to

assist those in need of spiritual enlightenment, support and healing.

Gathering of Medium Psychic Fairs

Saturday February 8, 2020

Saturday June 13, 2020

Saturday October 17, 2020

Click to View Febuary 8th 2020 Scheduled Mediums
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Reasons to have a Spiritual / Psychic Reading

Do you feel stuck or stagnant in your life?


Are you holding onto traumatic memories?


Are you unsure about what decisions to make?


Do you have a lot of questions about your current life situation?


Would you like to gain clarity on some of your limiting patterns and circumstances?

Do you lack belief in yourself?


Are you wondering what actions you should be taking

that would be in your best interest?

The answers might be closer then you think!!!

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In today’s world we lead very busy lives and

we often don’t take much, if any, down

time for ourselves. 

This can cause us to become stuck in cycles.


This combined with unhealthy habits, traumas

and past experiences can greatly affect our judgment, holding us back in ways we

don’t understand or don’t realize.

A spiritual / psychic reading will give you powerful insight to assist you with current concerns. Whether you’re going through a difficult time in your relationship or you’re considering a job change, or you’re hoping to move to a new house.

Our spiritual / psychic / medium "Readers" are from all over Ontario and are very gifted professionals with years

of experience in guiding their clients for the best possible outcome. They provide encouraging and inspiring 

guidance and truly have your best interests at heart. Their aim is to help you pinpoint the blocks that

may be holding you back from living life to your highest, unlimited potential.

They will be conducting private

mini-readings to bring you closer to

the answers you seek and/or perhaps even bring you messages from loved

ones that have crossed over

to the other side. ​

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The readers get in tune with your personal energy and situation and by doing so you receive an accurate and often

life-changing reading. 

The readers work with you, your spirit 

helpers and loved ones to provide 

answers to questions you are

seeking insight into.


Their messages will bring you comfort 

and guidance regarding the challenges 

you are experiencing in your life.

As a result of your reading you can learn

about things you need to work on emotionally, that you may not have

processed properly and uncover

your limiting beliefs.

A good spiritual / psychic reading can help you tremendously. After you have had your reading we recommend 

you evaluate everything you are told and decide what is useful and what isn’t. 


At the end of the day you will have to make your own choices and take the steps to make

differences in your life, thus creating a positive new cycle in your life.


A spiritual / psychic reading can help you prepare for whatever lies ahead and guide you

to a path of greater happiness and fulfillment in your life.

You can book a “Mini Reading” at one of our Gathering of Medium Fair with one of the accomplished spiritual / psychic / mediums

that have traveled from all over Ontario to

offer private readings at our fundraiser.

For $35 you receive a fifteen minute spiritual / mediumistic / psychic reading from the

“Reader” of your choice.


The Gathering of Medium Fundraising Fairs

are very popular in the community and we

regularly sell out, so if you are interested in

having a reading we recommend you book

your reading in advance online.

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How it Works
Shop Online b with words prebook online.

You can pre-book a reading with the medium of your choice via the "Gathering of Mediums - Shop" page.

The mediums that are attending the event will each have a listing with the available time slots that you 

can book a reading. If a specific time slot is already booked it will not be listed as an option to book.

You can either book a different time slot with the medium of your choice or you can book

a reading with another medium that has that time slot available.  

You will be required to pay for your advance booking via Paypal and that option will be available when you

select the time slot with the medium you are wanting to have your reading with.

We set aside a limited number of time slots for last minute drop in attendees. A table will be set up outside the

door where last minute attendees can book an appointment for a reading with a medium.


A limited number of time slots are available at the door to book a reading. All bookings at the door will

be sold on a first come basis. Your best bet is to book ahead that way you have a greater

choice of time slots and mediums available to do readings. 

The volunteers of the Canadian Fellowship

of  Spiritualists handle all the payments

so mediums can focus on you

and your reading. 


Doors open at 12:45 and

readings begin at 1:00.


Pre-booked appointments will pick up

their admittance receipt which they will present to the medium at the time of

their reading. The admittance receipt 

shows you have prepaid for your reading.

Drop by attendees have to pay at the door (CASH ONLY please) and will receive their admittance receipt for their reading

after they have done so. 

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There will be two lines at the door, one for prepaid attendees and one for drop in attendees. The Prepaid

attendees line will be processed first and drop in attendees will be addressed afterwards.


Our Gathering of Mediums events runs from 1:00 and ends at 5:00.

 If you would like a longer reading, please contact us, so we can work to accommodate you.

If you are unable to book via online and still want to pre-book an appointment,

please contact Erma MacDonald to arrange the details. 

1-(800) 207-6916

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Febuary 8th GOM Scheduled Mediums
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Joann Anderson

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Rev. Tammarishka Kerman

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Rev. Sheila's Scott

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Brenda Adler - Chakra Clearing

Visit Brenda's Page

Our Fall Gathering of Mediums and Psychic Fair event is on Saturday October 19th, 2019 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

The venue is inside the Oriole Community Centre on the second floor in the

Banquet Room at 2975 Don Mills Road West, Toronto.

You can sign up for a reading at the door but there will be limited spots available.

Your best option would be to pre- book your reading.