Exploring Your Past Lives with Ron Wunder

Exploring Your Past Lives with Ron Wunder


Exploring Your Past Lives with Ron Wunder


Sunday Sept 29th from 2:30 to 4:30


Venue Location:

2975 Don Mills Road West inside the Oriole Community Center on 2nd floor in Banquet room.


Many people are interested in finding out whether they may have had a past life. So, how do you go about discovering who you were and what you may have done in your past life?


When you look at a past life, you can heal from it, change the present in a positive manner, and ultimately create a better future for yourself. In other words, if you can heal the past you can also heal your present lifetime and the immediate future.


There are many reasons to delve into the past, exploring your previous lives.


� Emotional Healing. Anger, sadness, grief, hatred, and other negative emotions created by past life events can be brought up to the surface of your conscious mind and be released safely. A permanent healing can then occur.


� Physical Healing. Unexplained pains and health issues that plague you and cannot be healed through conventional medicine can be traced in many cases to previous incarnations. By 'reliving' the accident or death scene, you can bring the memory of the pain to the consciousness of your mind and thereby release the pain. A profound healing of long standing problems may then take place.


� Release of Fears and Phobias. Unexplained fears and unfounded phobias can be remembered through past life recall, brought to the surface of the conscious mind, analyzed, and released quickly. Soon a fear or phobia that hounded you for many years will no longer exist, or at least not affect you as much.


� Understanding and Healing of Relationship Problems. The recall of a past life relationship with someone that you are involved with now will help you to recognize negative patterns in the relationship, allowing you to break or heal these patterns. You will understand where love-hate relationships originate.


� Receiving of Gifts and Attributes. By exploring a past life, you will not only recall that incarnation but also in some situations remember or relearn certain gifts and attributes. For example, if you were a healer using herbs in an earlier lifetime, you will be able to reawaken some of your knowledge of herbs. This is a form of super learning.