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Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists President's Responsiblites

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CFOS President 2019

The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists board members serve as volunteers and come

from many different walks of life. They may be teachers, lawyers, homemakers, bankers, secretaries,

business owners or other individuals from an endless list of occupations. The most important

thing to recognize is that each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to

his or her role as a board member.


The Board of Directors is the team that guides the Fellowship spiritually and financially.


While the work of the Board often involves budgets, personnel, and facilities; the board members

also pledge to support the Fellowship through their tithes, their prayers, and their commitment

to applying the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists 7 Principles of Spiritualism 

and Mission and Vision  beliefs to any situation.

We are deeply indebted to their support and

the invaluable gifts of their time and knowledge.

The president is the chief executive officer and, as such,

takes the lead in the affairs of the Fellowship.


His or her duties usually include:

1 ) The President  shall create a positive atmosphere at meetings which allows the board of directors to work harmoniously and decisively together so all members participate.

2 ) The President shall preside over all Board meetings of CFOS and all annual members meetings.

3 ) The President shall have general supervision over the affairs and officers, requesting reports from those officers as needed and shall give a report at each annual members meeting, detailing activities of the office, reviewing the status of the Corporation, and providing recommendations for growth.

4 ) The President will delegate to other officers or committees the arrangements for the meeting place and necessary details, and monitoring this process to ensure these tasks are done satisfactorily.


5 ) The President  will consult with the other Board of Directors, committee chairpersons and volunteers to prepare the agenda prior to the meeting/events.

6 ) The President may call special meetings of the Board of Directors by giving adequate notice of at least seven (7) days to each Board member.


7 ) The President may vote in case of a tie or when the vote is taken by ballot.


8 ) The President shall be co-signer on all bank accounts of CFOS and shall co-sign all checks and/or transfers of two hundred (200) dollars or more.

9 ) The President shall appoint an assistant to the Secretary or Treasurer, if needed, and shall appoint all commit leaders, and shall be a member of all committees, ex-officio.


10 ) The President shall sign all certificates and other documents authorized by the Board.


11 ) The President must call one (1) annual membership meeting, the date to be chosen by the Board of Directors.


12 )  The outgoing President shall release all records, documents and reports to the newly elected President immediately following the annual members meeting.

13 )  The President is responsible to ensure that the most qualified and effective individuals are appointed to the key committees which do the work of the Fellowship.

14 ) The President will representing the Fellowship when dealing with funders.

15 ) The President will perform ceremonial duties at Fellowship social functions.

16 ) The President sometimes is the chair on Sundays.

17  )  The President sometimes hosts Meditation evenings.

18 ) The President sometimes hosts some of church events.

19 ) The president works with the Minister on the bookings and the Booking reminders.

20 ) The president along with the Minister handles any complaints that may arise that do not warrant board involvement.

When Managing or Conducting meetings the President shall:

a) Assign the floor to one speaker at a time;

b)  Co-ordinate discussions and assure that they stay on the topic under consideration;

c)  Provide and /or summarize  facts and details as necessary; and 

d) State clearly every motion before the vote is taken, announcing the results of the vote and overseeing the actual voting procedures, such as appointing scrutineers, if required.

e)  Request the vice-president, or an alternate, to assume chairmanship of the meeting if the president wishes to take part in discussions. It is not advisable to give opinions while in the chair.

Other Meeting Considerations the President shall adhere to:

a) The President shall open meetings on time and proceed in a business-like manner and adjourn meetings on time. Have the board approve the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

b)  The President shall arrive for the meeting early to check on seating and equipment, and to review items of business with officers.

c) The President shall be familiar with the rules of parliamentary procedure and any variations of those that appear in the Fellowship  by-laws.

d)  The President shall conduct the meeting with tact, firmness and fairness. It is not good practice to hold whispered conferences with other officers while in the chair.


e) The President shall remember, all members have equal rights on the floor but, politely and firmly, declare members out of order when necessary.