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Do you wonder if your pet is happy and healthy?

Do you get the impression your pet is trying to tell you something?

Want to know what they are thinking about?

All animals can be read and that includes your beloved pet!

Most people know that mediums can communicate with loved ones. Luckily, their gifts aren't limited to humans.

In fact, there are numerous mediums who use their talents to connect with all types of animals who are

walking among us as well as those who have crossed over.


Our beloved companions are only to happy to communicate with us and your pet really does understand

when we talk to them. Understanding doesn't necessarily mean they will do what you want them to but

they do listen. Animals have opinions just like humans do. They will often remark on their human friends,

their food, their likes and dislikes, their wants and needs. They can be quite humorous or very serious

and practical. They might be very detailed or extremely vague depending on the importance of

the topic. The conversation can range from very brief answers to whole paragraphs.


Because the communication with your pet is done telepathically, it can be done from any distance.


Your pet does not have to be physically present at the time of the reading.


If you are interested in finding out what your pet has to say then a Mini Pet Reading is perfect type of

reading for you. Each reading will be 5 to 10 minutes including a follow up question.


Prior to the event you will be asked to email the following:

· Photo of your pet

· Type of animal and breed

· Age and location (if living)

The Zoom link will be emailed to paid attendees a couple days prior to the event.