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Patti Ryan
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Patti Ryan


I've been a spiritual medium since 2009. I had my 'awakening' in the fall of that year, which started me on my journey into the realm of the Spirit world. 

I use Spirit cards in my readings, and may use psychometry to aid in bringing information psychically and from the other side of the 'veil'.

I became a member of The Star of Hope Spiritualist Church in Oshawa and began enrolling in several Psychic Development classes, then took workshops, and courses to better connect and understand. Patti has also served on the Board of The Star of Hope Spiritualist Church and she gives messages and Inspirational talks.


I've been doing various Psychic Fairs in southern Ontario for the last 3 years.In 2013-2014, I worked at the

Courtice Flea Market with Motivated Motion as a regular psychic medium. I have spoken and done messages

at several spiritualist churches and centres in Oshawa, Whitby, Cobourg, Peterborough and Toronto areas.