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Danielle is a professional, international, evidential Medium who currently tours all of the UK & Abroad. Danielle has worked in France in 2018 teaching and demonstrating and is also working in France in 2019, The United States of America, Canada and Australia in 2020.


Danielle's forte is demonstrating as well as being a

direct medium whilst working a floor. Danielle believes

in evidence that this life is not the end! Danielle is known for her detail to attention, warmth and straightforward messages from the other side of life.

Danielle holds a Diploma in Mediumship, taking her Mediumship one step further, while also holding certificates in Guides and Psychic mediumship teaching, plus guiding those who have an ability in the spirit world.


Danielle holds monthly workshops here in the North East of England and also holds workshops across the whole of the UK, making Danielle’s teaching skill set very much in demand. All of Danielle’s Workshops are different in their own right.

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Danielle also believes that Mediumship and evidence is important but also the back story of mediumship,

so Danielle and her team have designed a Spiritualist philosophy workshop, which has proved very popular,


Danielle has also become an author in 2018, with her first book entitled Free Styling Mediumship. Danielle

is a great believer in that no two mediums are the same and that was the inspiration for her book.

Danielle is known for her down to earth approach to people, honest while always being kind and considerate to

people who look to Danielle to guide them most. Danielle is growing in popularity across the UK and

North East of England making her one of the must-see mediums at this time.