Louise Morgan


Louise grew up in a haunted house, so spirit people have always been part of the “family”, so to speak.  It turned out, that spirits made an appearance everywhere else she lived too.  Having a firm belief in the afterlife, Louise devoured all the information she could find.  

Louise spent over 30 years as an educator. She holds a degree in Music, studying both here in Canada, as well as opera performance in London, England.  She is married and  a mother to two grown children. She has also been mother to many fur-babies over the years, loving each one dearly. 

A series of personal losses made her eager to learn to communicate with the spirit world, instead of just being aware. Many mediums gave her great gifts of evidence that her loved ones were indeed around her but also encouraged her to begin the mediumistic journey herself.  

Louise began studies of mediumship with excellent mediums of various modalities. She has studied Reiki, the Tarot, Tasseomancy, energy clearing and spirit release.


Not only is she thankful to meet the loved ones of others, she suspects it is as healing for her as it is for the person she is reading. 


Louise enjoys visiting haunted places and participates in ghostly investigations.  She is available for house energy clearing and spirit rescue. 

Louise feels gratitude for all the people Spirit has placed in her path, as she continues on her journey. 

There are no coincidences!   

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