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What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a natural intuitive skill that anyone an learn to provide answers to everyday questions, decision making and even to help locate lost items.

Using psychic energy to reveal answers, dowsing is performed using a pendulum, dowsing rods, and even your own body.

Dowsing can be used in confusing times when you desire clarity, and understanding and healing practitioners use it to identify blockages, weaknesses, sensitivities, and imbalances within the body.

The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists Introduction to Dowsing Divination evening requires no prerequisite knowledge, welcoming absolute beginners who are ready to take up their dowsing rods or pendulums. This said the Intro class will also be of interest to energy healers looking to broaden their skillset and incorporate additional tools into their practice.

During this interactive evening you will learn how dowsing works, the tools used in its practice, and receive guidance on how to use divining techniques for a variety of purposes.

Although the art of dowsing has been in practice for ages, there are many people who have never even heard of it.

Dowsing, also called divining, has been used for centuries to guide individuals in connecting with the spirit world; making life decisions; locating missing objects, water, gold, oil; dowsing the energy of a room; cleansing and balancing chakras and finding and resolving problems with auras.

​While dowsing can be done with the hands alone, dowsers typically use either a rod or pendulum and during this evening you will become familiar with how to use both dowsing rods and dowsing pendulums (although the evening will focus mainly on pendulum dowsing).

Dowsing allows you to tap into your Higher Self, the subconscious mind, and your intuition, making it an excellent tool for developing your intuitive abilities.

What Will I learn?

You will learn everything you need to know, including...

- How to seek guidance for the questions you want answered


- How to get ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers with your pendulum


- How to locate lost items


- How to dowse for your own benefit and to help others


- How to clear and connect with your pendulum (or dowsing rods)


- How to use a pendulum chart

Join Erma MacDonald, certified energy healer, psychic medium and animal communicator, for this fun and interactive workshop!

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