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In-Person Readings
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Private In-Person readings are offered at the medium's home, unless arranged otherwise. You can book

a reading in time frames anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, with the optimal length of time is

usually 45-60 minutes. Although there are shorter readings available, those readings are best

suited for telephone, email or group reading sessions.

Please allow for your reading to unfold as it needs to. The spirit world (your loved ones), the angelic realms, and

the holy spirit already know what you need to receive. Trust they will provide you with everything you need

to hear and experience in your session with the medium you have selected to have your reading with.


There are a few different readings types available for in-person readings but the main three

are a Medium Reading, Combo Reading and Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Reading.


 During a Medium Reading the main focus is to connect with your loved ones that have passed.

A Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Reading is for people in need of guidance, but they do not

necessarily need to connect with a loved one at this time.


A Combo Reading is a mixture of a Medium and Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Reading. This is the most popular

reading because it brings the best features of the other two reading styles together in one reading.

Medium Readings
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During a medium reading, the medium will

connect with your departed loved ones and provide you with messages and healing for both you and those the spiritual realm.


The medium will bring forward strong evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from the other side. 


The mediums that provide this type of reading are evidential mediums

(provides strong evidence), and mental mediums (abilities to receive mental impression and images

from the deceased).

The mediums receive information

on who they are, how they passed

and how they look!

They will bring through their personality, and this is the most important validation there is.


Spirit provides the mediums with information about life events and many times they will provide their name

and/or the names of family and friends.  Often spirit provides information that is completely unique

to you and your relationship you had with them when they were alive.

Combo Readings
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During the first half of this reading the medium will normally connect with your loved ones first and during

the second half of the reading they will connect with their own spiritual team of guides, spiritual teachers and the Angels, to provide you with loving messages that are intended to guide you on your life path and promote your

spiritual growth. However sometimes the order is reversed depending on if your loved ones decide to come

through right away or to wait till other information has been given to you first. If this is the case they come 

through during the second half of the reading giving you their messages at that time.

Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Readings
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During a Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Reading the medium doesn't connect with loved ones during this time.

Their focus is on you, and your soul's journey. This information this reading provides is mostly likely to

encompass a wide area,  such as, personal, spiritual events, past, present, probably future events, and

information for your souls growth. This information may also included  career, health, and relationship.  The

information in the medium receives comes from the Divine source and the mediums the spiritual realm will

only provide information that is beneficial to you and promotes your highest personal and spiritual growth.

Its also important to let you know, your loved ones in a reading will not tell you how to live your life or provide

you with information that may leave you with a heavy heart or feelings of negativity and fear.


They will talk about their lives, their passing, what has happened since they have passed, and perhaps they

may even provide you with some quality advice. However, they are not going to tell you what to do, and they

are not coming through to give you predictions.  This is your life and you must make your own decisions.

They will give you guidance when and if it is needed.


Think about this. What would you talk about if you had a chance to speak with a departed loved one once again? Memories or things you did together? or would you talk about your finances and love life? What is talked about in a reading is really up to your loved ones, and it's truly amazing, they already know what you need to hear. 

Regardless of the type of reading you decide to have the The medium normally leaves a few minutes at

the end of your session to address any additional questions you might have for your loved ones, in

regards to the guidance you have already received or additional 

guidance you may still wish to receive. 

When you are selecting your reading, it’s important to keep in mind the connection with Spirit is a sacred

one. It’s a three way link. While we as mediums can open the channel, whether it is with you in front

of us or in an over the phone conversation - it’s still a conversation - and whenever and however you

can be to be most comfortable for that conversation - that is the best option.

The accuracy of your reading won’t change either way.

Mediums for In-Person Readings
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Mediums Available for In-Person Readings:

(at the Medium's Location)



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