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Gathering of Mediums Readings Day Fundraiser
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The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists a Gathering of Mediums event 3-4 times a year. 

The dates for the upcoming Gathering of Mediums are:

Saturday June 15, 2019

Saturday October 19, 2019


Money generated from the Gathering of Mediums events allow us to have a flexible operating budget and helps us continue to keep our doors open and to assist those in need of spiritual enlightenment, support and healing.

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The Gathering of Mediums offers "Mini Readings" which are a perfect way to experience

mediumship firsthand in a friendly,

relaxed environment.


We gather together a selection of accomplished mediums for this fundraiser which is the perfect

way for you to experience mediumship firsthand

in a friendly, relaxed environment.


For $35 you receive a private twenty minute spiritual/mediumistic "Mini Reading" from the medium of your choice. The medium acts as

a conduit with the Spirit World bringing to you evidence of loved ones who have passed

and their messages to you.

We host these sessions not just to raise funds but also to help to educate the public about mediumship

and because it also helps to  demonstrate the continuation of the soul after death, one of the tenets of Spiritualism. 


To many it brings peace, healing, even closure. These events are very popular in the community

and we regularly sell out, so if you’re interested in taking part, pre-book your appointment.  


For information about upcoming Mini Readings, please see our events page

How it Works

You can pre-book a reading with the medium of your choice via the shop page "Gathering of Mediums - Shop".

The mediums that are attending the event will each have a listing with the available time slots that you 

can book a reading. If a specific time slot is already booked it will not be listed as an option to book.

You can either book a different time slot with the medium of your choice or you can book

a reading with another medium that has that time slot available.  

You will be required to pay for your advance booking via Paypal and that option will be available when you

select the time slot with the medium you are wanting to have your reading with.

We set  aside a limited number of time slots for last minute drop in attendees. A table will be set up outside the

door where last minute attendees can book an appointment for a reading with a medium.


A limited number of time slots are available at the door to book a reading. All bookings at the door will

be sold on a first come basis. Your best bet is to book ahead that way you have a greater

choice of time slots and mediums available to do readings. 

The volunteers of the Canadian Fellowship

of  Spiritualists handle all the payments

so mediums can focus on you

and your reading. 


Doors open at 12:30 and

readings begin at 12:45.


Pre-booked appointments will pick up

their admittance receipt which they will present to the medium at the time of

their reading. The admittance receipt 

shows you have prepaid for your reading.

Drop by attendees have to pay at the door (CASH ONLY please) and will receive their admittance receipt for their reading

after they have done so. 

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There will be two lines at the door, one for prepaid attendees and one for drop in attendees. The Prepaid

attendees line will be processed first and drop in attendees will be addressed afterwards.


Our Gathering of Mediums events runs from 1:00 and ends at 5:00.

 If you would like a longer reading, please contact us, so we can work to accommodate you.

If you are unable to book via online and still want to pre-book an appointment,

please contact Erma MacDonald to arrange the details. 

1-(800) 207-6916

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October 19th GOM Scheduled Mediums
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Joann Anderson

Visit Joann's Page

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Cheryl Berry 1 a.jpg

Cheryl Berry

Visit Cheryl's Page

Rev Sheila Scott 1 a.jpg

Rev. Addariah Waugh

Visit Rev. Sheila's Page

Louise Morgan.jpg

Louise Morgan

Visit Louise's Page

Brenda Alder 1 a.jpg

Brenda Adler - Chakra Clearing

Visit Brenda's Page

Our Fall Gathering of Mediums and Psychic Fair event is on Saturday October 19th, 2019 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

The venue is inside the Oriole Community Centre on the second floor in the

Banquet Room at 2975 Don Mills Road West, Toronto.

You can sign up for a reading at the door but there will be limited spots available.

Your best option would be to pre- book your reading.