How can I get a reading from a Church medium?

If you are interested in booking an appointment with one of our Church mediums, please email the Church.

How can I learn to be a medium?

All that is needed to begin your journey is an interest in self-development and a commitment to regular practice. Our Mediumship Development Program accommodates those at various points in their spiritual journey. Mediumship Development Circles run in Fall and Winter sessions.

What are some ways Spirit gives information to a medium?

Spirit gives information to a medium through both physical and intuitive senses. These are sometimes collectively known as the “clairs” (Thalbourne, 2003)1.

For example, Clairalience or “clear smelling” is the ability to smell a Spirit. For example, a medium may smell the pipe tobacco of a person who smoked during life. Clairgustance or "clear tasting" is the ability to receive taste impressions from a spirit. Claircognizance or "clear knowing", is the ability to know something without receiving it through normal or psychic senses. It is a feeling of "just knowing". Often, a medium will claim to have the feeling that a message or situation is "right" or "wrong."

1Adapted from Thalbourne, M. (2003), A Glossary of Terms Used in Parapsychology, Charlottesville, Virginia, Puente Publications. Available on Amazon.

What is a Spiritualist medium?

A Spiritualist medium is an ethical person who has developed their mediumship in the Spiritualist tradition and has the skills needed to act as a conduit for the person in Spirit who has a message for a relative or friend on the Earth plane. Mediums that develop through our Church are trained in ethical mediumship, and must meet defined criteria over a period of time and show commitment to the Seven Principles of Spiritualism to become an appointed Church Medium.

What is psychometry?

Psychometry is the reading of resonant energies of a person (who may be alive or in Spirit) that are contained in a physical object. According to Boddington, in the University of Spiritualism, psychometry involves the reading of the life record of inanimate objects, or the emotional accretions that they have collected. As with the “clair” senses, psychometry can be used psychically or mediumistically, whereby touching objects that have been possessed and impressed by someone who has passed provides another way to establish mediumistic communication (Boddington, 1995)1.

1Adapted from Boddington, H. (1995), The University of Spiritualism, Stansted, U.K., Psychic Press. Available on Amazon.

What is trance?

All forms of mediumship involve varying levels of trance. Trance involves an altered state of consciousness where Spirit is allowed to work through the medium for the purposes of communication or healing.

Roberts differentiates between inspirational speaking or writing and automatic writing and trance lectures (Roberts, 1994, p. 45)1. In trance lectures the mediums ego or active mind is in abeyance and thus can produce words, languages, names and references that are unfamiliar to the medium. As Roberts reports on automatic writing, “writing of a mediumistic nature comes unexpectedly to some people, who find their hand apparently moved by a force other than that of their own will.” Whereas inspirational speaking and writing often occur when the medium is still quite present and are couched in the language, education and experience of the medium. Automatic writing represents a deeper form of trance where the writing is done entirely by spirit with little or no conscious awareness of the medium. Roberts recounts the story of a medium named Grace Rosher, who stated she was writing a shopping list when her hand was unexpectedly controlled and a message was written in the handwriting of her dead fiancé.

1Adapted from Roberts, U. (1994), All About Mediumship, London, U.K., Two Worlds Publishing. Available on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of questions to look at:
1. Is everybody psychic?
2. How can psychics tell the future?
3. Isn't Spiritualism a cult?
4. We are told that it is wrong to try and contact the dead. Why do mediums do it?
5. What is a medium?
6. What is Spiritual Healing?
7. Who goes to a Spiritualist Church?
8. Why does God allow atrocities like the Trade Towers to happen?
9. What happens in a service?
10. Who goes to the Spirit World?
11. What happens if someone has been married twice?

1. Is everybody psychic?
Yes, albeit to differing degrees. Some people call it intuition or gut feeling. Everyone can learn to develop this intuition and to extend this ability to link with the spirit world but some people will always be more successful than others.
2. How can psychics tell the future?
The simple answer is that they can't. All living things have an Aura (an electro-magnetic field) which surrounds the physical body and information about the person's past, present and just into the future is imprinted on it. People who are adept at reading it (if they realise what they are doing or not) can 'predict' your future for you but this, at best, can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Fortune Telling is illegal under the Fraudulent Mediums Act.
3. Isn't Spiritualism a cult?
No. Spiritualism is a registered religion with the British Government.

4. We are told that it is wrong to try and contact the dead. Why do mediums do it?
Mediums cannot 'raise the dead'. They cannot demand that a person communicates via their mediumship, only send out a thought to the spirit world and invite anyone who wishes to communicate with the sitter to do so. Loved ones come forward to prove to their families that they have survived that physical change called death and are alive and well in another state of existence.

5. What is a medium?
A medium is someone who has developed an ability to communicate with people in the spirit world. They use the spiritual gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), or clairsentience (clear sensing) depending on their own abilities. It is their job to give the evidence from the spirit world that loved ones are still taking an interest in your lives by describing what is happening around you at the moment after giving you information that you would be able to recognise about your loved ones. This information should contain physical descriptions, memories, character traits, anniversaries of important events etc.

6. What is Spiritual Healing?
Spiritual Healing is a transference of spiritual energy from the spirit world through the healing medium to the person who is having healing. It is possible to transmit this energy without the person being physically present by sitting quietly and thinking of the person who needs the help. Spiritual healing works alongside orthodox medicine and healers cannot promise a cure for your problems.

7. Who goes to a Spiritualist Church?
Anyone can attend a spiritualist church whatever their race, creed, colour or age. We believe that everyone has something to offer whatever their age or experience and that everyone is equally important. Everyone is capable of developing spiritual gifts.

8. Why does God allow atrocities like the Trade Towersto happen?
God does not allow atrocities like this to happen, man does. We are placed on this earth to learn that everyone is equal and to try and to progress in a spiritual way. Man has freewill and makes his own decisions and it is by these decisions he learns.

9. What happens in a service?
Prayers are said, hymns are sung, a reading is given and then the medium will give a short philosophy (which is equal to a sermon in an orthodox church) and is based on spiritual law, and then will give clairvoyance which is communication from the people in the spirit world. Other types of services do take place but the service described above is a Divine Service.

10. Who goes to the Spirit World?
Everyone regardless of race, colour, creed or religion goes to the spirit world (Heaven) when they die.

11. What happens if someone has been married twice?
There is no jealousy in the spirit world and you can be with both partners or just the one, it is entirely up to you. You will be with people in the spirit world who are similar to you and can do whatever you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you?
We call ourselves a church but we are much more. We are a centre for spiritual development, energy healing, meditation, Friday Clairvoyant Evening and Sunday Service. 

What are services like at Stroud Spiritualist Church?
You may be surprised at the amount of energy, humour, friendship and laughter. We sing The Lord's Prayer, a Healing hymn, an uplifting song or traditional hymns. Some aspects are very similar to a mainstream church and some parts are different. We have a different guest medium at every service and they take part of the service including clairvoyance with messages from loved ones in the spirit world. It is not scary but very uplifting.  Singing, humour and laughter help raise the energy and helps the medium get a strong connection to the spirit world.

How much does Stroud Spiritualist Church charge for entry?
Most charge an entrance fee, but we have resisted the introduction of an entrance charge for the Friday and Sunday services. However, we have to pay our rent, church running costs and medium costs, so we ask our congregation to make a freewill donation to our collection based on what they can afford. We realise some people on low incomes cannot afford a set charge and we do not believe it is right to exclude them because we operate in love and light, and we are fully inclusive. We do make a charge for special events like spiritual development workshops, the meditation circle or psychic suppers.

How do I find out what's going on at Stroud Spiritualist Church?
We use Facebook, this website and monthly email updates to let people know about services, events and upcoming mediums. Become a Facebook friend and/or ask to receive the monthly email. Follow us on Facebook

I'm a member of another church or religeon. Will I be welcome?
All are welcome from any religion in the world or indeed anybody who has no religion. Stroud Spiritualist Church has a very welcoming atmosphere. If you would like to no more about the church or spiritualism, or are just curious, come along and meet us - we don't bite!

How does a message from Spirit work? 
Mediums connect to spirit and will convey messages as clearly and accurately as possible. There are two kinds of information that come through, firstly identifying information about the spirit and secondly the messages from the spirit.  The medium tries to interpret what they receive and simple responses such as "Yes, I can take that" or "No, I cannot understand that" are best. Your voice helps the medium to get a strong connection. Don’t feed information to the medium.

How will I feel if I receive a message?
There can be a broad range of reactions to hearing from loved ones including laughter, tears or a sense of peace as messages can touch the heart. Many people experience feelings of peace, reassurance, and closure and it can be an uplifting experience. It’s a good idea to take notes. 
It’s best to take some time to digest the experience as some details will make sense later on when you have had a chance to reflect. 

How do Mediums work?
There are various types of mediumship ability, but with each the medium has to try and interpret what they receive:
Clairvoyant – The medium can see non-physical realities or dimensions, surrounding energies, auras, and also non-physical consciousnesses.
Clairaudience - The medium hears voices or other sounds and this is the means of communication.
Clairsentience - The sensing of a spirit presence including emotion, changes in temperature, feeling of cobwebs on the face, a smell or scent. 

What is Healing? (Energy Healing or Spiritual Healing)
This healing is an emerging form of complementary medicine. The correction of energy imbalance in the body can improve the health of the body and emotional, physical,  psychological and spiritual well-being.  It does not replace conventional medicine, so if you are ill you should still consult your doctor.

What is Spiritualism and how does it compare with other church religions?
If you have experience of other churches, you will find there are many similarities in a spiritualist church service, but we usually have a guest medium on Friday and Sunday evenings who takes part of the service. Spiritualism means different things to different people and it's best to come along and experience it yourself. Everything is done 'in love and light' and people usually experience feelings of peace, love and upliftment.

Does Stroud Spiritualist Church have charity status?
Yes - It is registered with the Charities Commission (Registered Charity No. 279454). We are also registered with HMRC for Gift Aid, so if you are a tax tayer and are willing to gift aid your donations, please let us know.

Does the church comply with Data Protection legislation?
Yes. Our policy is: ''Any personal information you give us will be held lawfully to keep you informed of church activities. Your details will never be passed onto a third party. Your personal information will be retained until you request otherwise. If you wish to view your information, have it deleted or amended, or make a complaint, please contact The Data Controller in writing at the church address or by email to​''

How Can I Find Out More?
Come along and experience our services and in particular the Sunday Divine Service which has a spiritual reading and address. Read the Seven Principles below. Borrow a book from our library. Join our Open Circle. Talk to one of our guest mediums after a service.

Does Stroud Spiritualist Church have Objectives, Rules and Membership?
The objectives are the advancement of the religion and religious philosophy of Spiritualism, the holding of religious services and the teachings of spiritual and religious truth. The Seven Principles are explained below. Our Rule Book is displayed on the Church Notice Board in the entrance lobby and members can request an electronic version. Please ask us about becoming a Church Member and the benefits it brings.

Your Question:

What is Natural Law?

Your Answer:

Natural Law is an ascertained working sequence or constant order among the phenomena of nature.  Natural Laws are simple statements of the orderly working of the universe and all that is in it. They represent the constant expression of what one can always expect in any given situation. To understand the full meaning of Natural Law, we must learn to apply it to both spiritual and physical life.  The Laws of Nature are the Laws of God.

Your Question:

What are the objects of Spiritualism?

Your Answer:

As represented by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches are as follows:

  • To teach the truths and principles expressed in the Declaration of Principles and the Definition of Spiritualism, a Spiritualist, a Medium, and a Spiritualist Healer as adopted by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches of the United States of America.

  • To teach and proclaim the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Modern Spiritualism.

  • To encourage lecturers on all subjects pertaining to the spiritual and secular welfare of humanity.

  • To protest against every attempt to compel humanity to worship God in any particular or prescribed manner.

  • To advocate and promote spiritual healing.

  • To protect and encourage spiritual teachers and mediums in all laudable efforts in giving evidence of proof ho humanity of a continued intercourse and relationship between the living and the so-called dead.

  • To encourage every person in holding present beliefs always open to restatement as growing thought and investigation reveal new truths, thereby leaving every individual free to follow the dictates of reason and conscience in spiritual and secular affairs. 

Your Question:

Briefly explain Spiritualism as a Science, Religion, and Philosophy.

Your Answer:

As  a Science, Spiritualism investigates, analyzes and classifies facts and manifestations demonstrated by spirit.

As a Religion, Spiritualism strives to understand and comply with the laws of God which are  physical, mental and spiritual laws of nature. Spiritualism is an open-minded religion. We have learned that we have grown in knowledge and truth by the efforts of many inspired teachers such as Moses, Jesus and Paul.

As a Philosophy, Spiritualism studies the laws of nature both on the seen and unseen sides of life. It is based on present observed facts. Reason along with observed facts from all ages have had conclusions drawn.

Your Question:

The sunflower is the symbol of Spiritualism. When was it first accepted as the emblem of Spiritualism?

Your Answer:

 Since 1892 the sunflower has been the emblem of Spiritualists. I was known for centuries that the sunflower represented truth and consistency. It is the seal for the Association of Spiritualists at Cassadaga Camp in Lily Dale, NY. It was shown it the bylaws in early 1893. 

Spiritualism like the sunflower has been "transplanted" on many soils. The nectar if you will of Spiritualism attracts like a magnet, but it attracts selectively like the attraction of the sunflower. Both attract to specific individuals that lives with the faith and understanding of Spiritualism. The sunflower relies on strong stalks as Spiritualism relies on people with a strong character demonstrating peace and understanding to humanity. 

In other words they protect us from superstition to build a firm understanding of why we are here, what we must do and where we are going. Sunflowers have a balance of all nature vitamins and minerals that assist in great medicinal purposes, much like the value of the spiritual and physical healing of Spiritualism. 

Motto: As the sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun,

So Spiritualism turns the face of humanity to the light of Truth.

Your Question:

 What do Easter and Christmas mean to the Spiritualist.

Your Answer:

With Easter, this is not a time of the Christ resurrection. This is a time of for the resurrection of nature and the human soul, better understanding of the continuity of life. The Easter story is one of effort and reward. The effort is the progression we achieve and the reward is our placement in our future life. This story proves there is life after this physical body. If a person has to physicallydie, they will live again.

Christmas is not the time to celebrate the birth of the Christ. No one can prove when that really happened. This is a time for giving and sharing and the best way to do that is with love and acts of love. This is a time to recognize the teachings of Jesus during this time and can use them in our spiritual principles. With that come the words, "Peace on Earth, good will towards men." We are a religion of happiness and peace within. This is a great time of the year to share Spiritualism with others. 

Your Question:

 According to Spiritualist teachings, who was the Greatest Physical Medium in the History of Spiritualism.   

Your Answer:

 His name is Daniel Dunglas Home (Hume) and he has been call the Greatest Physical Medium in the History of  Spiritualism. He would not commercialize Spiritualism. He had a gift of levitation and the spirit power levitated himself and objects around him. His demonstrations led many pioneer notables with Spiritualism.

Noted writings: Light and Shadows of Spirit and Incidents in My Life and D.D. Home, His Life and Mission, which was written by Mrs. Home.

Your Question:

Briefly tell how the Native Americans relate to Modern Spiritualism.

Your Answer:

The native Americans had an early understanding of the Great Spirit long before white man settled on this continent and started to spread. They had a real love for nature and beauty. The Red People knew of the Infinite, who's intelligence was everywhere. They worshiped one God and God was unity and God was love. They had a single concept of religion. 

It's not just Spirit that relates to Modern Spiritualism. They have a great gift for healing and sensitive to prophecy. They adapted to Natural Law and adjusted it to their environment. In short, they had really adapted to the World of Spirit.

Your Question:

What is the date of the onset of Modern Spiritualism?

Your Answer:

The commencement of Modern Spiritualism occurred March 31, 1948 when Catherine (Kate) and Margaretta (Maggie) Fox heard the rappings and made contact in Hydesville, New York. It was learned the rappings were that of a murdered peddler by the name of Charles B. Rosna.  Leah Fox later became the spokeswoman for the sisters.

Your Question:

What is the Infinite Intelligence?

Your Answer:

 The God energy is all knowing and has no boundaries. The expression Infinite Intelligence means a purposeful, intelligent power that is endless. We don’t want to define the “God” energy for anyone. Infinite Intelligence is omnipresent (all-pervading) and omnipotent (supreme). Nature reminds us that there is new life that occurs by the unseen power of God and as the seasons change so does the order of the universe. This is another example of creator's expression of one of his divine gifts.

Your Question:

Who can attend a Spiritualist Church?

Your Answer:

Our congregations are a mix of people from various religions. Anyone who wants to explore spirituality and that personal connection with the Infinite Intelligence is welcome at a Spiritualist Church. Andrew Jackson Davis was quoted in saying, “Under all circumstances, keep an even mind.”  Anyone who attends a Spiritualist church with an even or open mind, will find the energy very enlightening. 

Your Question:

 What happens at a Spiritualist Church?

Your Answer:

 The service is usually in three parts. The first part of the service is a healing/meditation service. Healers facilitate spiritual healing to those who sit in their chairs and/or someone who they wish healing sent. A healing list is provided at the entrance of the church for anyone to list the name they wish healing sent.

The second part of the service is a worship service. Most Spiritualist Churches have a “traditional” worship service. At Love of Spirit, the service is more contemporary for those who are looking for a spiritual experience that has the energy of today’s times and music.

In the final part of the service, mediums prove the continuation of life through spirit communication. Each service you loved ones in spirit have the opportunity to communicate through a greeting. 

Your Question:

What is a Spiritualist?

Your Answer:

The National Spiritualist Association of Churches has described a Spiritualist as one who believes, as the basis of his or her religion, in the communication between this and the Spirit World by means of mediumship and who endeavors to mold his or her character and conduct in accordance with the highest teachings derived from such communication.

What does that mean? A Spiritualist believes in the continuation of life after this physical life. A Spiritualist also believes in the communication with those in the spirit world. A Spiritualist is one who is seeking their spirit within and explores their spirituality.  Spirit guides play a part in the relationship a Spiritualist has with those in the world of spirit.

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