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Email Readings
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In the age of digital communication, we find great convenience in gathering information with the assistance

of the internet, search engines, texting and yes... email. An experienced psychic medium can connect through

any means of communication.  An Email Reading is the perfect solution for the person on the go.  The medium

will receive your questions immediately, focus on your specific needs and email answers to your questions.

They will arrive in your personal email inbox within 24 - 48 hours.

How does an Email Reading Work?

An email reading is a convenient alternative to telephone sessions. Clients forward

questions and answers are returned – all via the internet.

It’s a simple way to ask questions and get intuitive answers without having

to physically visit or telephone a medium.

For anyone preferring privacy when expressing their most private questions and feelings, this makes

a reading accessible to you – right in the comfort of your laptop/desktop or smart phone. You can

ask your questions without having to actually “talk about it.” 

A Medium, can connect with you by using any means of communication.

Whether or not you sitting together, speaking through a telephone, using video/audio readings, if the

medium is holding an item you own, studying a photo or reading your email … You could be anywhere in

the world, and the medium could be thousands of miles away. Physical separation does not matter.

​The physical separation means nothing more than that - physical separation. Energy links are created

by focused intentions. Trained mediums can build a bridge between you and them.

The medium is connecting to information that is coming through your energy. In any reading, the person

getting the reading sets the intention that they need answers to their questions. The medium focuses on

helping them. Successful intuition requires a concentrated linking and focus. In order to achieve that

focus, you need to center yourself and reflect on your life. The information that you seek (questions asked)

come from the power of your conscious mind. Your energy and feelings are transmitted through the email.

The Medium's natural intuition only requires a focused connection

Benefits of Email Readings
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 Email Readings are simple and convenient. You can type your questions and

read the responses at the time most convenient for you.

Some of us are busy and don’t have time for a telephone reading session. Simply forwarding

your questions in an email takes less time. Reading at your leisure is the

way to go for people with busy schedules.

Writing out your questions /situation is a form of journaling. Journaling is a proven form of helping you with

problem solving. With an email reading you have the opportunity to type, re-read, edit, and take your

time reviewing the questions you have written to make sure they are what you really want to answers to. 

This process of compiling thoughts for your own review can be a useful practice in problem solving –

you’re thinking about the questions, really looking at which ones are important to you, and

then rethinking the value of what’s really going on with you. It’s sort of like “out of the box”

self therapy before you even get the actual reading.

With email readings, the medium has more time to tune into you and your question,

and can do it when they feel ready. 


Another benefit to having an email readings is it is very obvious if the medium is just trying to do

a cold reading since they can’t actually ask you any more questions than what you send.

In an email reading, you don’t have to take notes. They show up in your mailbox.

It is nice to have a record of the answers to your questions to review at a later time

to see if certain things came true.

It's easier to reflect on what you've been told in an email reading because you can take

your time going over the information in it.

If you are not comfortable sharing your feeling with others an email reading is perfect

because you don't actually have to talk to the medium.

Time zones no longer create scheduling issues, you send your questions at any time, and you 

receive answers with a specific time and everyone is happy. World access with the very

same connection is a reality with an email reading.

Formulating your Questions
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It is very important to be as specific as possible when you are coming up with the questions for

your email reading, Take your time, relax and get your thoughts together on what you

really want to focus on. Double check before forwarding the email.  

Compact all questions in one correspondence. (back and forth questions/ answers

lose accuracy as the connection is weakened) .

Include a photo of yourself and/or others involved in your situation if you’d like.

It’s important that you relax and really think about what is going on in your life as you
begin to put together your questions for an email reading.

You want your questions direct and focused. Remember the email you send is filled with

your focused intention that you will receive accurate answers.

Sample Questions

Note: Vague questions are not recommended for this format as your medium may pick up valid information

that may be based around a different situation that is occurring within your life.

Poor Question: What is he thinking?

Better Question: What is he thinking now that he knows I’m pregnant?

Poor Question: What happened on Monday?

Better Question: What happened on Monday when my boss fired me for no reason?

After Sending the Medium Your Questions

Try to remain open the questions you sent out in the email, that the answers will find their way back

to you. Try and remain an open channel to the energy link between you and the solutions to your

problems. The medium will be opening the email that holds your focused intention. She/he will

amplify the energy and connect to the answers you need.

The email that you receive back from the medium likely will not have answers to all your problems. No one

can make decisions for you. But be assured that you will get the direction that you need to

resolve the issues that are immediate roadblocks.

Whatever your questions and problems are today, an email reading should help. Every seeker is truly looking

for the right path. Your life and the people in it are personal.  Your thoughts and feelings and your actions

are your own business. A caring medium will be able to connect to your life force energy whether you see

them in person, talk to them on the phone or send them your questions for an email reading.