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 This class is only available to Alumni of the 6-Week Mediumship and Psychic Development Program and / or 4-Week Development Classes

We recognize that people are busy in their lives and that it can be difficult to commit to 4 weeks of classes. 

The CFOS Team is offering a "Drop-In" Spiritual Development Circle for the Alumni of the 6-Week Mediumship and Psychic Development Program and / or the 4-Week Development Class students.

The best way to improve your psychic, mediumship and intuitive abilities is by working with a group under the guidance of an experienced medium.

It takes time, patience, practice and commitment to learn how to communicate with spirit and these engaging and hands-on classes are designed to help you strengthen and trust your connection with spirit.

This drop-in Psychic and Mediumship Spiritual Development Circle will continue to build upon and enhance the skills you have already learned during the 4-Week Development Classes and / or the 6-Week Development program and will help your confidence grow as your understanding about connecting and working with spirit flourishes.

This circle is perfect for anyone that would like to continue developing and honing their spiritual gifts, intuition as well as their mediumship and psychic skills without having to commit to 4 weeks of classes. 

If your end goal is to give other people messages or to learn to trust the information you receive from spirit

for personal use so you can make better life decisions this circle will help you achieve those goals.

This circle will help you continue to access your intuitive wisdom, connect with your higher self and other helpful guides.

This class will be offered online through Zoom.


Please register in advance at: Link coming after you proof Susan


 About an hour before class you will receive an emailed invitation with the login link and/or phone number. If you register close to class start we will email you the invitation as quickly as possible. 

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