If you are a newcomer to Spiritualism we hope the information on this

site will help you to understand what Spiritualism is and hopefully

provide you with an understanding what our Fellowship is about.

If you have any questions or would like more information

please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We hope you will enjoy our site and that you will bookmark it for future use.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you for arriving at our site. It doesn't matter

how you found your way here, although we believe that the universe guided you to

find us here an now to help you prepare for the next leg of your spiritual journey.

We are committed to helping you as you travel along your pathway of discovery as

your connection with the God of you understanding deepens, and if it is your desire, to

provide you with opportunities to develop your own unique spiritual gifts and to

help you gain a deeper understanding and connection with the spiritual realm.

We believe that when we develop our spiritual gifts, including intuition and mediumship

that they can enhance our lives in an uplifting and positive way. That aligning ourselves

with the universal energy through positive thought, positive action and 

positive prayer, that goodwill and kindness will prevail in our lives.

At the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists you will find a safe haven that is FREE of

Judgment, Dogma, Discrimination and Pressure. We are not here to change your

beliefs, we consider spiritualism a universal way of life, which

completely embraces all beliefs and origins.

We are a heart-centered spiritualist fellowship which is dedicated to empowering personal

transformation and growth. We help those seeking to explore and experience their

connection to the Divine though education, healing and spirit communication.

To assist all those who seek spiritual fulfilment.


To minister to those seeking enrichment of body, mind and spirit through teaching,

healing, and prayerful thought.


To demonstrate and provide proof the soul continues after death and communication

with those who have crossed over is possible.


To create a nurturing, welcoming and loving atmosphere, where individuals can explore

and discover their divinity and are encouraged to do so.


To provide a place where freedom of thought, self-expression and confidence

in one’s uniqueness can grow.


To live our lives knowing the connecting link between the Creator and

ourselves is always open.


Living in love and light is our main goal, and we try to share this with all around us. To allow all

we do as Spiritualists to be prompted by compassion and infused with the power of the

Spirit. Realization that true love and kindness are what bring love and kindness to all.


We acknowledge and understand fear is the root cause of all negativity.


Those elected to leadership of the CFOS will serve the membership in a moral, ethically fair,

unbiased and open-minded manner. They will promote growth and the advancement

of the fellowship in a responsible way that is free of ego, exclusivity

and self-glorifying based behaviours.


Dedicated to furthering the science, philosophy, and religion of Modern

Spiritualism and its principles, within ourselves and the community.

19 Van Horne Avenue outside 1 b.jpg

Both Wednesday and Thursday Night Gatherings are held at:

19 Van Horne Ave. North York, ON. M2J 2S6 (Leslie and Van Horne)

Parking Available on Side Streets. Location does not have wheelchair access.

Allergy alert - Please note that dogs live in the house, however they are kept in a separate area from the gatherings.

All Gatherings are online until further notice

oriole community centre  4 a.jpg

Sunday Gatherings are held on the 1st and Last Sunday of each month (excluding holidays, please check out calendar for details/dates of gatherings.

Gathering at the Oriole Community Center (2nd Floor inside Banquet Room)

2975 Don Mills Road West. North York, ON. M2J 3B7

Parking Lot at Premises. Location has wheelchair access.

All Gatherings are online until further notice

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