Spirit Rescue / Clearing with Joann Anderson

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A Rescue Medium helps earth-bound spirits leave the earthly and psychical dimension that we reside in and move onto the Light.


A Rescue Medium is a specialty medium who has dedicated themselves to free trapped earthbound spirits. These Mediums have trained to do spirit rescue safely and effectively. 

Spirit Rescue relates to the practice within Spiritualism of assisting spirit entities who are believed to have failed to make the transition into the afterlife. They are considered to be lingering within our physical / earthly dimension in a wandering or lost state. The usual causes of this are can be a sudden or traumatic death, guilt, fear of punishment, restrictive religious beliefs and other emotional conditions that may limit a person's focus and prevent a successful transition.

Spirit Rescue is typically performed by a medium who will attempt to communicate with the discarnate spirit and explain

their condition to them, reassure them or explore whatever it is that holds them within the earthly dimension of existence.


Many of these spirits are considered to display a reduced degree of awareness and consciousness compared to normal human consciousness, and it is a common belief  that the spirit may not even realize they have died.


Common rescue methods may involve a medium using clairvoyant abilities, mentally "seeing" or sensing the spirit concerned, or they may employ a trance state of consciousness and channel the spirit, therefore allowing the spirit to speak to others present.

What is Spirit Rescue Work?

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A lot of the time Spirit(s) residing in a home mean no harm for the inhabitants - they may have even previously resided there, be lost and trying to find their own loved ones, or forget that they have died at all!

Also - hauntings & paranormal activity can get so intense that at times the residents of a home may be the ones in need of rescue (especially if children in the home are being affected).

I generally term all Spirit Work involving the encouragement needed to cross Spirit(s) over to the "Other Side" OR resolve any form of dealing directly with Entities as "Spirit Rescue Work".

When a Medium comes in contact with an earthbound spirit, either by intention or by accident, it’s a perfect opportunity to persuade the spirit to cross over to the Spirit World. Some of these hapless souls are willing to move on while others aren’t. Regardless, with a little patience and coaching, even the most troubled spirit has an opportunity to be “rescued” from their trapped condition.

In addition, if the Medium or rescue group can offer tantalizing reasons for a spirit to let go and cross over, such as a chance for a better reality, a Spirit may finally decide to cross.  This work is some of the most rewarding a Medium can do.

Where You Will Encounter Lost Spirits

Lost spirits are everywhere. For example, you could encounter one in your home, office, a playground, or on a bus. Most of these kinds of spirits are benign. They don’t wish to harm anyone but are desperately seeking help to move them out of their stuck existence. Other earthbound spirits are souls that have consciously chosen at death to remain close to earth and have absolutely no desire to move on.

Some of these souls may even be angry, mean, or vengeful.  Without a doubt, this variety of earthbound spirits is harder to cross over.

Other forms of earthbound spirits live in a dream world. Their awareness of their surroundings is dim, and for them, there’s no passage of time. These are the kinds of lost souls that need help the most.

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Lost Spirits Unexpectedly Show Up

Sometimes spirits are not attached to the location and are attracted to the location because someone lives there that has spiritual gifts (known or unknown to them). I call these individuals Lightworkers and our energy shines brightly and spirits that are in limbo are drawn to it. 

After being attracted to an individual(s) they often stay around because they know we can see and and hear them. These spirits often seek to interact and communicate with us and they generally mean us no harm. As they seek to interact with us they will make their presence known in many different ways. 

These interactions are generally subtle as first but they gradually increase in frequency and their effects become stronger as they attempt to get our attention.

These lost souls are seeking our help and normally won't stop trying to interact with us until we either learn how to interact with them or bring  someone into the situation to find out why the spirit is there and what they want.

Spirits Sometimes Like to Spill their Guts

When a spirit encounters a Medium that can communicate with them, the spirit may want to share the details of their death.


Their death may have involved violence, trauma, and yes, even murder. Of course, this may be difficult to hear, and it’s essential that Mediums receiving a lost spirit remain detached.


While working with a lost spirit that has a sad story to tell, it’s critical to stay kind and sympathetic without becoming emotionally involved. Just by listening to the spirit’s story, may accelerate the crossing over process because a level of trust established between the Medium and the spirit.

Is Your Lost Spirit a Ghost?

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Ghosts and earthbound spirits are practically one and the same. Of course, there exist ghosts that are, in fact, a residual haunting, and of course, there are poltergeists. This post is not about these kinds of ghosts, but here’s a short description of each:

A residual ghost or haunting is something observed that have no intelligence. It’s like seeing a movie replayed in the air that repeats over time.

Poltergeist activity is a phenomenon that’s still not fully understood by paranormal investigators. The current thought is that these kinds of spirits are thought to be caused by an ‘agent’ (often a young person). More often, this individual is angry or has experienced some traumatic event.


The resulting energy manifests in ghost-like outward manifestations that wreak havoc around the individual like objects toppling over or mysteriously thrown.

Earthbound Spirits that Have Been Around for a Long Time

Occasionally, you’ll encounter a spirit that died hundreds of years ago. These spirits are often confused and not even aware that they’re dead. In fact, you’re the first human contact they’ve made since their death. When meeting a spirit such as this, again, you can work with them to make them aware of their situation. The spirit may be open to finally crossing over, or refuses to budge.

All humans, whether in spirit form or when alive, are subject to the Universal Law of Free Will. If a spirit refuses to cross and wishes to remain in limbo, wish them well and let them go. However if the spirit is negatively affecting you, your family and / or household, this spirit will have to be removed from the location. They can choose to go to the light on their own but they will not be allowed to remain if they are negatively affecting anyone. 

Techniques for Spirit Rescue

Mediums use several options and variations when doing spirit rescue work.


One of the most critical factors in doing spirit rescue work is the knowledge that the same methods don’t always work in each case.


So, just as a doctor might diagnose a particular illness, so must a Medium “diagnose” a spirit’s condition.

Mediums use several methods to cross spirits to the Light. We all work on different levels of energy vibration.

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A particular way learned in a book or class, may not work for you. For example, you have a native American Indian that you’re attempting to cross over. This spirit, having been around for some time, is not aware of Christianity. Most likely, they’ve never heard of Jesus. Rather than trying to explain the whole Christianity thing, dialog with the spirit and ask them what their power animal is or if they wish to join their venerable ancestors. These questions make far more sense to an indigenous spirit that’s never been to a church!

Some Helpful Advice on Spirit Rescue

I use my intuition as well as working hand-in-hand with both the Archangels and my helping spirits to connect with the guides of the spirit, and get their advice.” Subsequently, this leads to assisting the lost spirit to successfully cross over to the light. 


One of the most important characteristics a Rescue Medium should have is maintaining compassion, they must also have the ability to channel healing energy. The loving energy sent to a spirit provides it with comfort and most important of all has a calming and reassuring effect on them.


Additionally, sending loving energy will help to remove any negative energy and bad memories that spirit still maintains. Most importantly, if a spirit did some terrible things in life, they need to know that they won’t be punished for them in the Spirit World.

Spirit Rescue / Location Clearing - to get rid of all negative energies

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I clear you home or business of negative energies, ghosts, negative thought forms, vortexes and portals.  I do all spirit rescue / house clearing remotely; there is no need to visit your property. I work on properties all around the world. This clearing is stronger and deeper than simple smudging.

What I can help with:

Negative Energies


Negative Thought Forms

Vortexes And Portals

Clear Your Existing Home Before Or After You Move In

Clear The House To Make It Easier To Sell

Previous House History Of Divorce, Anger, Disharmony.​

Service Guarantee


I promise you that I will do everything in my power to rid your house or office space of unwanted energy and Ghost activity. In my 40 plus years of experience of working in the spiritual field. In the vast majority of Spirit Rescue / Clearings, 100% of the ghosts have been cleared.


If by chance you still have activity at your location, it is likely the fact that there was additional ghosts at the location. 

If this is the case, you are welcome to contact me within 7 days and I will offer a no charge remote follow-up. 

What is Included

Complimentary 15 minute Consultation – assistance and assurance of your situation

Formal Intake document – for completion and return, via email, before the clearing

In-person home or workplace visit – Services provided while in your home or workplace

Long-Distance (or Remote) services - different city, different province or state, different country

Identification of a Ghost, Entity, Spirit or Negative Energy within your home or office

Explanation of the occurrences – Reassurance

Energy Clearing – Negative Energy, Ghosts and Entities will be removed

Feedback and Follow-up document – for your completion and return

Your investment includes all of the above = $375.00

 Yes! I can clear your Place of business, Office or Work Space as well.  ​I look forward to helping you.

Getting Started

To book your Spirit Rescue / Location Clearing, email me at:      info@CanadianFellowshipofSpiritualists.com

I will be alerted of your request and will email you as quickly as possible. You will not be judged and your concerns will always be taken seriously. 

Once I get your request, we can arrange for an initial Consultation and I will email you my Intake Form. This will help pinpoint the exact problem in preparation for the Clearing. We can get a good grasp on the urgency of your situation and set a date/time to get together. It’s that easy!

In conclusion, spirits surround us and many need help. Most of these spirits are benign and don’t intend to harm the living.

If you have a spirit in your home and you need helping trying to get it to cross to the light please reach out to me and we will work together to bring closure to you, your loved ones and to the spirit that is in limbo.

Ghosts normally won’t leave on their own!

Until you get rid of them, you can expect more of what you’ve been experiencing.


I can help you get your cozy home back!

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We respect your privacy and will never share your personal information.