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Due to the COVID-19 all readings / sessions are currently offered remotely via Zoom, Skype or by phone. 

Types of readings Joann offers

Live Readings

A Live Reading is a reading where you have the energy of Spirit (the messenger) and the energy of the Person (the message recipient) together, all in one place, all at the same time.

A live reading is an active, three-way link between yourself, the medium and those in Spirit.


The other type of reading is a distance reading, where Spirit and the medium deliver the information and message to you. 

Telephone live reading 1 a.jpg

Telephone / Live Readings vs In-Person Readings. Which is better?


A Live Reading is when all three parties (spirit, the reader and the sitter)  are meeting at the same place, at the same time

even if that place is a non-physical virtual place - such as a telephone or webcall.  It doesn’t matter if a Live Reading takes place in the same room, or thousands of miles away, because it is not the physical bodies of two people that are connecting in a reading - it is the mind, hearts and Spirits of two people who are connecting in a reading.

And this, can happen anywhere.

You, can be anywhere. As long as your own Spirit, your Soul, is there to listen - the message gets through - and that’s the most important part - that you receive the messages you need to receive from Spirit.

Your Loved Ones, Guides and Angels do not currently have a physical body on this Earth, thus, there is little that binds them from coming to your medium, to your reading, regardless of where they or you are. Without a physical body, they are not subject to the same limitations you may have to getting to a medium - such as having one in your local area, in the case of an in-person reading, or having access to a telephone or computer, in the case of a telephone reading.

They do not have to worry about the cost of travel. Or the finances of a reading. Or rush hour traffic, delays and accidents along the way - all things that could prevent you from meeting with a medium for an in-person reading. In fact, all they need to know is with whom they are meeting with and when to be there.

That’s right - as soon as your reading is set up - your Loved Ones, Guides and Angels are free to travel to get to your reading, because they know where they are going and when to be there.  As long as they know who they are going to, your Loved Ones, Guides and Angels can travel to your medium - regardless of distance.

After that, the difference between a telephone reading and an in-person is simply a matter of personal preference.

Live - In-Person Readings


There are a few different readings types available for in-person readings but the main three are Mediumship Readings, Combo Readings and Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Readings.


 During a Medium Reading the main focus is to connect with your loved ones that have passed.

A Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Reading is for people in need of guidance, but they do not necessarily need to connect with a loved one at this time.


A Combo Reading is a mixture of a Medium and Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Reading. This is the most popular reading because it brings the best features of the other two reading styles together in one reading.

Live - In-Person Reading (in reader's home)

Due to the COVID-19 all readings / sessions are currently offered remotely.


Joann offers readings / sessions by Zoom, Skype or phone. 

in person reading 1 a.jpg

Private In-Person readings are offered at the medium's home, unless arranged otherwise. You can book a reading in time frames anywhere from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

Please allow for your reading to unfold as it needs to. The spirit world (your loved ones), the angelic realms, and the divine spirit already know what you need to receive. Trust they will provide you with everything you need to hear and experience in your session with the medium you have selected to have your reading with.

Live - In Your Home Readings

doorbell 1 a.jpg

This is the same type of reading as an in-person reading, the only difference is the medium travels to your home to give you your reading. This type of reading is good if you are unable to leave your home or if the medium does not have a location you can meet to have your reading.


The great thing about in-person readings is the ability to build a relationship with the medium face-to-face. In-Person readings have a more personal quality because you are sitting in same room with each other.


Each medium gets information differently

and will give you messages via the methods they are most comfortable with.

There may be an additional cost for an In-Your Home Reading due to travelling costs. The psychic/medium will discuss any additional charges for travelling up-front.

Live - Online Spiritual Readings


An online reading takes place via Zoom, Skype or similar video link. It is carried out in real time.  


It is similar to a telephone/ live reading but with two-way visual contact. It is much more like an in-person reading.

online reading 3 a.jpg

Live - Telephone Readings

Telephone reading 2 a.jpg

From the perspective of accuracy - telephone readings and in-person readings are equal.

In fact, in the teaching of mediumship to students, telephone readings, Skype readings and in-person readings, all fall into the same category.

Many Mediums Prefer Telephone Readings

While in-person readings are truly a magical experience, many psychic mediums really enjoy telephone readings.

Without a physical person directly in front of them, it is often easier to connect, stay focused and streamline the information out from those in Spirit who are present.


Many psychic mediums can get a clearer connection with only Spirit in their physical space (the messenger) and you, the message recipient, in another physical space. Some people are simply better at concentrating when they are physically alone - and it’s often easier!

Which again, doesn't mean more or less accurate. It means that for the medium, it may be easier to concentrate, which wouldn't generally affect to the type of information coming through (equal in accuracy), but it could affect the quantity, speed and flow at which it does come in - meaning, in some cases, you could actually receive more information. 

In fact, having you non-present in a physical space in the reading, can actually help reduce accidental biasing of your message, too - if that is something that concerns you. In a telephone reading, since you are not present in physical form, the psychic medium cannot see anything about who you are or what you are about, thus, they couldn’t cold ‘read’ you, or infer information from your appearance that could bias a clear message from Spirit.

Telephone readings often allows the psychic medium to be more focused on receiving your messages from Spirit and can reduce potential bias from getting into your messages, by accidentally picking up on clues from your physical appearance or being.

Telephone reading 1 a.jpg

You can connect in the comfort of your own home 

Many readings are emotional. When connecting with Spirit, sensitive feelings, memories and thoughts come forward, and while healing, readings can be vulnerable experiences. Sometimes being vulnerable simply feels better in the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas (if you want) and curled up on the couch. Connecting at home, while on the telephone, can actually help you relax, listen and focus on the message more deeply.

Also, with a telephone reading, you can avoid any unforeseen potential appointment delays on the way there, and won't have have to worry about being late to your session due to travel or traffic, or have to deal with combating the feeling of focus from being uncomfortable in a new and unfamiliar place.

You may be more "Free" to listen and absorb your reading

Just like the reverse example above, without a psychic medium who you may have never met before, sitting right in front of you, in your close personal space - for some, it is easier to listen, absorb and take in the information, when you are simply listening to it rather than being in the presence of another person.

Without a physical person in front of you and connecting with Spirit over the telephone at the comfort of your location - you find yourself in a more relaxed, centered and calming space than anywhere else on Earth. And that’s the most important part.

To get the most out of your reading, the best thing you can do is to be focused, ready to listen and calm. When you are in a calm, centered and focused frame of mind - only then, can you truly receive anything which is being given to you - including communications from those you love and want to hear from, in Spirit.

The real difference in telephone readings and in person readings is not accuracy - Spirit will still speak to us whether or not you are at a reading in physical body - but rather, it is the answer to this question:

What will put you in the best frame of mind when receiving the message?

Anything you can do to maximize your ability to relax, center and calm down for your appointment - will improve your reading and your ability to focus on the messages that are coming through.

If you think you’ll be most comfortable connecting with a Loved One while at home, cozied up on the couch - book a telephone reading. If you think, you’ll be most comfortable, directly across from medium’s table - book an in-person reading. Or, try both and see which one works best for you.

When you are selecting your reading, it’s important to keep in mind the connection with Spirit is a sacred one. It’s a three way link. While we as mediums can open the channel, whether it is with you in front of us or in an over the phone conversation - it’s still a conversation - and whenever and however you can be to be most comfortable for that conversation - that is the best option.

The accuracy of your reading won’t change either way.

Mediumship Readings


During a medium reading, the medium will

connect with your departed loved ones and provide you with messages and healing for both you and those the spiritual realm.


The medium will bring forward strong evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from the other side. 


The mediums that provide this type of reading are evidential mediums (provides strong evidence), and mental mediums (abilities to receive mental impression and images

from the deceased).

The mediums receive information on who they are, how they passed and how they look!

spirit 36 custome 1 a.jpg

They will bring through their personality, and this is the most important validation there is.


Spirit provides the mediums with information about life events and many times they will provide their name and/or the names of family and friends.  Often spirit provides information that is completely unique to you and your relationship you had with them when they were alive.

Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Readings

head 17 a.jpg

During a Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Reading the medium doesn't connect with loved ones during this time.  Their focus is on you, and your soul's journey. This information this reading provides is mostly likely to encompass a wide area,  such as, personal, spiritual events, past, present, probably future events, and information for your souls growth. This information may also included  career, health, and relationship.  The information in the medium receives comes from the Divine source and the mediums the spiritual realm will only provide information that is beneficial to you and promotes your highest personal and spiritual growth.

Combo Readings

spirit 30 a.jpg

A Combo reading consists of a Medium Reading and a Spiritual Psychic Reading combined together during one session.


The first half of this reading the medium will normally connect with your loved ones first and during the second half of the reading they will connect with their own spiritual team of guides, spiritual teachers and the Angels, to provide you with loving messages that are intended to guide you on your life path and promote your spiritual growth.

Please not that sometimes the order is reversed depending on if your loved ones decide to come through right away or to wait till other information has been given to you first. If this is the case they come through during the second half of the reading giving you their messages at that time.

It's also important to let you know, your loved ones in a reading will not tell you how to live your life or provide you with information that may leave you with a heavy heart or feelings of negativity and fear.


They will talk about their lives, their passing, what has happened since they have passed, and perhaps they may even provide you with some quality advice. However, they are not going to tell you what to do, and they are not coming through to give you predictions.  This is your life and you must make your own decisions. They will give you guidance when and if it is needed.


Think about this. What would you talk about if you had a chance to speak with a departed loved one once again? Memories or things you did together? or would you talk about your finances and love life? What is talked about in a reading is really up to your loved ones, and it's truly amazing, they already know what you need to hear. 

Regardless of the type of reading you decide to have the The medium normally leaves a few minutes at the end of your session to address any additional questions you might have for your loved ones, in regards to the guidance you have already received or additional guidance you may still wish to receive. 

When you are selecting your reading, it’s important to keep in mind the connection with Spirit is a sacred one. It’s a three way link. While we as mediums can open the channel, whether it is with you in front of us or in an over the phone conversation - it’s still a conversation - and whenever and however you can be to be most comfortable for that conversation - that is the best option. The accuracy of your reading won’t change either way.

Angel Readings

art 16 a.jpg

An Angel reading is a valuable opportunity for you to receive the loving assistance and often life changing guidance from your Angels and Helping Spirits, this guidance will help you learn how to transform your life.


An Angel reading is a peaceful experience filled with love that will inspire, uplift you and make you feel deeply understood perhaps for the first time in your life. It is a beautiful way to receive love and gain clarity from your Angels and Spirit Guides. With their loving guidance you will learn how to make

each moment of your life count so you can create a better tomorrow.

During your Angel reading you will  feel relaxed, loved and supported as you receive the loving assistance and often life changing guidance from your Angels. Your passed loved ones, your Spirit Guides and even your beloved pets may even reveal themselves to you. Your spirit will be uplifted and you will reconnect and be assured of the Angels’ constant presence in your life.

During your Angel reading the medium connects with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, your loved ones and yes, even your beloved pets. These loving beings will support and guide you to live the life you’ve always wanted and dreamed of. They will help you release any and all fears that thus far have blocked your path of living a life that is love-filled and fulfilled.  

The angels are powerful divine beings who are nonjudgmental, loving helpers available to help us with all our earthly concerns. They are not bound by earthly constraints which means they can be with as many people who call upon them.

The angels do not care if you belong to a religion; it is their extreme pleasure to help you with any issue, large or “small.” They do not have egos and their goal is peace on earth, one person at a time.

These loving beings will offer you guidance and answer any questions you may have. For example:

What is your soul longing for?

Why am I here? Who am I?

Career or a relationship change?

A move?

A reaffirmation of  love? 


The Angels will help you find the answers you are seeking


Are you unsure sure what to ask?

No worries, the Angels are always very happy to offer their perspective on your life. They also want you to know that they can help you through guidance but you are the one responsible for action.

The Angels already know all about you and will

relay the needed information to the psychic / medium.

Messages from the Angels are always gentle, loving to give guidance and direction.  The Angels love to talk about the grand scheme of things and the bigger pictures.  The Angels will definitely give you straight answers but they also want you to see how things connect and they tend to nudge you to get on your true life path. They might not always tell you what you want to hear, but they will always tell you what you NEED to hear!


The Angels wisdom does not involve telling you what to do.  

Since we have the Law of Free Will in place here on Earth, it is easy for circumstances to change based on different courses of action.


Impulsiveness and impatience tend to get the best of some humans and we tend to choose out of negative emotions such as fear, dependence, anger, jealousy and impatience instead of relaxing and letting the Divine take the lead.  There are many possibilities out there waiting to manifest, it just depends on what actions are taken.

Angel Readings provide healing, joy, empowerment, clarity and direction and are, at times, life-changing and transformative. Facilitating personal, emotional and spiritual growth, they help one deal with life’s challenges and uncertainty and are a very useful tool in providing confirmation for one’s own intuition. 


Readings are always delivered in a loving, honest and positive way that guides a person towards increased optimism, joy, peace, balance, and empowerment.

These spirit-driven encounters will leave you with a renewed sense of ‘you’re not alone’, when it comes to dealing with the issues that surround aspects of life in areas such as love, career, health, finances, relationships and family. The angels will gift you with their elevated perspective in order to support you through the process of handling life’s challenges, while encouraging you through times of change.

Psychometry Readings


A person that can read information contained in the energy

of objects. The psychometrist can acquire information from the present or the past and details of the owner from an object.


If the owner is deceased, the time that he or she lived can.

be ascertained by reading the energy that is attached to

the object. One of the most positive applications of psychometry is the finding of missing persons.

Psychometry 1 a.jpg

Group Readings - Virtual and In-Person

group reading 4 a.jpg

Due to the COVID-19 all readings / sessions are currently offered remotely via Zoom, Skype or by phone. 

Group readings can be a fun and rewarding experience to share a unique experience with your friends, family or co-workers however they are a bit different then other types of readings.

Whether you call it a psychic party or a group reading doesn’t matter – it is simply you and six to 10 of your friends or family gathered to share in the connection with Angels, Helping Spirits and even possibly your loved ones on the other side, as well as sharing insights and messages regarding questions you have about your life path.

While everyone is socializing and having a good time, the medium will give a 20-minute private readings to each of the attendees at the party.

Just like any gathering, you provide the guests, beverages (food), location, and fun. While the medium will connect with everyone’s Angels, Helping Spirits and Guides to deliver messages in response to your guest’s questions. Whether people are seeking answers on their career, finances, relationships or even who are their guardian angels, you can be sure Spirit will bring forth messages of love and light for the purpose of healing and enlightenment.


NOTE: A minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10 people are required to host an in-person Group Party! Everyone will receive a reading!

For a Virtual Group Party you can invite 6 -15 of your closest friends for readings. Each person can connect to the video call from the comfort of their own homes. Come together as you celebrate the messages that come forth each person, and for the group as a whole. 

In-Person group readings may be subject to a travel fee. A deposit required within 1 week of booking your group reading party to secure date (Refundable at time of party).

$50.00 per Party Guest.

Gallery - Style Group Readings

group reading 1 b.jpg

Gallery-style Group Readings are when you and your friends gather all together in your living room to receive messages from your Angels, Helping Spirits and loved ones in spirit and answers to questions you seek spiritual guidance about.

Gallery-style Group Readings are limited to 20 people. By participating in a group reading, you will not only

hear other people's messages, but they will also hear your messages through the medium/s.

The medium/s will try to give everyone in the group a message from their Angels, helping spirits, families, friends, or loved ones who have passed on - based on the assumption that they make themselves known to the medium/s during the session.

There is no prepared script to these sessions and the medium/s cannot control the order in which spirit steps forth to speak to loved ones, as a result the medium/s will select to give messages to attendees in the group in a random manner.

During a Gallery Group reading there are there are times when it can be quite emotional, but you will be among friends, and no one is ever embarrassed, as the medium/s is very sensitive and aware of the nature of any communication.

The medium/s make every effort to divide the time as equally as possible, but some spirits can have more to say than others.

Medium/s can not guarantee that the specific spirit you want to connect with will come through with a message; you may hear from old friends or you may end up being the middleman who passes on a message to a friend from one of their relatives.

spirit 36 custome 1 a.jpg

During Gallery type readings if a deceased loved one comes through the messages are beautiful, touching, and above all, a time to connect with a loved one, so that they can communicate with you in their own way, with whatever message they choose to give you.


The medium/s has no control over what messages spirit will bring nor the length of the message.

This type of session typically runs between 2-3 hours but its length can vary based on the number of people attending and if there is more than one medium attending. Often in larger groups two mediums will attend and give messages. This type of session typically runs between 2-3 hours.


Price is the same ($50.00 for a 20 minute private reading) for each additional person attending.

Group Readings - Individual "Private"

Private Reading Parties are similar to Galley-Style Readings in that you and your friends still gather together at your location to enjoy messages from your loved ones and spirit with a medium.

The big difference is that the messages are given in a room separate from the rest of the group. The medium gives the message individually and no one else has privy to the content of those messages.

The medium will provide a 20 minute one-on-one private reading for each person attending.

indvid 1 a.jpg

The cost is $50.00 per person and the group size is limited to 6 people. The medium will cover a group of 6 people. If you have more friends and family that would like a message a second medium will also come and handle the additional people.

Price is the same ($50.00 for a 20 minute private reading) for each additional person attending.


Group size must be 8 to 12 people for a second medium to attend.


Please bring a pad and pen to take your own notes if you wish, as no recording is allowed at these sessions in respect of everyone's privacy.


Group Readings are a fun way for friends, family or co-workers to gather and experience a psychic medium!

The energy in a group is often magnified and allows for stronger connections.

Group Reading parties can be held in the comfort of your own home.

Party length depends upon the number of guests, but generally run 2 to 3 hours.

For parties held at your home, the fee is $50 per person for Private Readings and $35 per person for Galley-Style Readings.

Function must be paid in full prior to medium coming to residence for readings.

Locations outside the central Toronto area may require an additional fee for travel.