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The Canadian Fellowship

of Spiritualists

Psychic Fair

 Saturday June 19th, 2021


from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. est.

ONLINE via Zoom

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Our Psychic Fair (Gathering of Mediums)” is our main fundraising activity and helps us keep our doors open and to assist those in need of spiritual enlightenment, support and healing.


The psychic/mediums who participate in our event donate half of their funds back to the fellowship.

You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to book a 20-minute private, online, reading with one of Ontario’s most trusted and experienced mediums.


With current circumstances we are holding the event online via Zoom.

Your reading will be one-on-one in private with the medium of your choice. 

A spiritual, psychic reading can help you prepare for whatever lies ahead and guide you to a path of greater happiness  and fulfillment in your life. Whether you’re going through a difficult time in your relationship or you’re considering a job change, or you’re hoping to move to a new house.

Do you feel stuck or stagnant in your life?


Are you holding onto traumatic memories?


Are you unsure about what decisions to make?


Do you have a lot of questions about your current life situation?


Would you like to gain clarity on some of your limiting patterns and circumstances?

Do you lack belief in yourself?


Are you wondering what actions you should be taking that would be in your best interest?

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In today’s world we lead very busy lives and we often don’t take much, if any, down time for ourselves. 

This can cause us to become stuck in cycles.


This combined with unhealthy habits, traumas and past experiences can greatly affect our judgment, holding us back in ways we don’t understand or don’t realize.

A spiritual / psychic reading will give you powerful insight to assist you with current concerns. Whether you’re going through a difficult time in your relationship or you’re considering a job change, or you’re hoping to move to a new house.

Our spiritual / psychic / medium "Readers" are gifted professionals with years of experience in guiding their clients for the best possible outcome. They provide encouraging and inspiring guidance and truly have your best interests at heart. Their aim is to help you pinpoint the blocks that may be holding you back from living life to your highest, unlimited potential.

They will be conducting private mini-readings to bring you closer to the answers you seek and/or perhaps even bring you messages from loved ones that have crossed over

to the other side. ​

The readers get in tune with your personal energy and situation and by doing so you receive an accurate and often life-changing reading.  

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The readers work with you, your helping spirit team and loved ones to provide answers to questions you are seeking insight into.  Their messages will bring you comfort and guidance regarding the challenges you are experiencing in your life.

As a result of your reading you can learn about things you need to work on emotionally,  that you may not have processed properly and uncover your limiting beliefs.

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1)  Book a reading with the medium of your choice at :

The mediums that are attending the event will each have a listing with the available time slots that you can book a reading. If a specific time slot is already booked it will not be listed as an option to book.

You can either book a different time slot with the medium of your choice or you can book a reading with another medium that has that time slot available.  

You will be required to pay for your advance booking via Paypal and that option will be available when you select the time slot with the medium you are wanting to have your reading with.


2)  The day before the event you will receive an email with the Zoom link and password to join the event.

3)  On the day of the event you will log in to Zoom a few minutes before your appointment time. We'll all be in the main virtual meeting room where we see each other. When the sessions start, each spiritual/psychic medium (reader) and their client will be put into a private, virtual room for their 20-minute reading.

4)  All readings must end at the same time, so if you are late, your appointment will be shorter than 20 minutes. This is a function of Zoom and we cannot change it.

5)  A few minutes before the end of your reading you will receive a notification which will give you time to wrap up your questions. Everyone will then automatically be moved back to the main meeting room. 

This event is very popular and we regularly sell out, so if you are interested in having a reading, we recommend you book early.

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Joann Anderson Homen - Psychic Medium Readings

Joann is a Co-founder & President of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S), 

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor and Author of the soon to be published

"God Speaks - Memoirs from God" Series

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Joann is a gifted and experienced spiritual psychic medium who provides her clients with encouraging and inspiring guidance. Her aim is to help pinpoint blocks that may be holding them back from living life to their highest, unlimited potential.


Joann has been working with spirit for 40+ years and she also helps people through private spiritual readings, spiritual mentoring/life coaching and she assists people that are dealing with spiritual energies and influences that need to be removed. She offers spirit rescue, haunting, and property clearing services. 

Joann met Erma at the Church of Universal Love when Erma as the president. Joann was on the board until July 2018 and also served as a medium giving messages to others during various events. ​

After leaving COUL, Spirit encouraged and guided Joann to create the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S.). where she serves as the president, lead medium and facilitator and has developed most of the programs and special events they offer. Her focus is to assist you in your spiritual grown through education, healing and spirit communication.


Joann is over-joyed to be called upon by spirit to help people uncover their spiritual destiny and growth both spiritually and personally through the works she does with spirit. She loves helping people in whatever capacity that looks like and feels blessed for the opportunity to assist humanity.

Erma MacDonald - Pet Readings

Erma is a Co-founder & the Treasurer of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S), Psychic Medium, Teacher, Healer and an Animal Communicatior

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As a young girl Erma was exposed to the Spirit world within her own family. Her mother was able to communicate with deceased loved ones and read tea leaves and playing cards. Erma has always believed in spirit because spirit was always around her and she could sense it. Erma was able to see things that others were not, she often had dreams that would come true.

Erma’s real journey into Spiritualism started in 2012 after her husband passed over. Erma became involved with various Spiritualist churches and eventually became the President and treasurer of the Church of Universal Love. 

After serving COUL for several years Erma resigned her position as President in June of 2018 intending to take time to rest and enjoy time with her family............. but Spirit had other plans for Erma. 

In July 2018 Erma became one of three founders of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists in Toronto. 

Over the years Erma has taken many spiritual development classes. As a result she is a certified healer, a trance healer, a medium and an animal communicator. She particularly enjoys the animal communication part of her spiritual journey and has had many fascinating experiences with our animal friends.

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Rev. Sheila Scott - Psychic Medium Readings

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Rev Sheila Scott Is a Spiritualist Minister who speaks at various churches throughout Ontario, does private readings as well as performing all types of weddings from religious to handfasting. She enjoys the happiness that comes from being a wedding minister.

A Near Death Experience (NDE) at age 3 activated my psychic abilities. I have been intuitive and sensitive all my life and I have been providing Clairvoyant counseling for over 28 years.

It gives me great joy to use my "Gifts Of The Spirit" to help people. I offer Tarot and Oracle readings by phone and Skype.  I am certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Card Reader, an Angel Intuitive and a Crystal Reader.  Readings are recorded and sent to you via an MP3 file.

I have advanced hypnotherapy training in Ultra-Height®, Pain Management, Hypnosis For Childbirth, Advanced Medical Surgical Hypnosis, Smoking Cessation, and Past Life Regression.


I provide spiritual hypnosis sessions by phone or Skype. I have been providing hypnosis services for 18 years.


I am a licensed spiritualist minister in the province of Ontario. I am LGBQT friendly. I was attuned to /initiated into Reconnective Healing(tm) by Dr. Eric Pearl in 2000.  


I have studied many healing modalities over the past 30 plus years, including being a Master Hypnotist, a certified Metaphysical Hypnotist,a Reiki Master, an Animal Reiki Master, a Certified Spiritual Animal Healer, a Space Clearing Practitioner, a White Light Reiki Master, an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Instructor, IET for Pets, a certified Angel Lightworker, an Angel Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Healing, Distance Healing and Psychic Healing.


Renee Walsh - Cards of Destiny Readings

Having spent the majority of her career in the corporate environment, Renee found herself questioning her “place” in this world sometime in the mid 1990’s.  As she began exploring her own spiritual nature, she found herself studying a variety of modalities in the metaphysical world including, but not limited to, meditation techniques, crystal therapies, Angel cards and psychic development techniques.  All of this eventually led her to discover the Destiny Card system. 

In 2008, she left behind her “traditional” work and became fully committed to the Magi Fellowship, a group dedicated to the study of the cards.  Along the way, she has gained a great deal of knowledge and is certified in a variety of transformative holistic practices.  Currently, in addition to working with Destiny Cards, both teaching and personal readings, she holds certifications in Reiki, Advanced Akashic Healing, Astrology and is an Access Bars facilitator.

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Patti Ryan - Psychic Medium Readings

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I've been a spiritual medium since 2009. I had my 'awakening' in the fall of that year, which started me on my journey into the realm of the Spirit world. 

I use Spirit cards in my readings, and may use psychometry to aid in bringing information psychically and from the other side of the 'veil'.

I became a member of The Star of Hope Spiritualist Church in Oshawa and began enrolling in several Psychic Development classes, then took workshops, and courses to better connect and understand. Patti has also served on the Board of The Star of Hope Spiritualist Church and she gives messages and Inspirational talks.

I've been doing various Psychic Fairs in southern Ontario for the last 3 years. In 2013-2014, I worked at the

Courtice Flea Market with Motivated Motion as a regular psychic medium. I have spoken and done messages

at several spiritualist churches and centres in Oshawa, Whitby, Cobourg, Peterborough and Toronto areas.


Ashely Miller - Tarot Card Readings

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Ashley is a card slinging intuitive with a passion for, tarot, astrology, end-of-life care and mediumship. It is her goal to help guide people during difficult transitions using her intuitive abilities and a unique and supportive approach.

In her readings, Ashley opens up her spiritual took box and uses, tarot, numerology and astrology to offer insights and clarity so her clients can better navigate through times of uncertainty. She was called to do this work because of her keen interest in human behavior and a passion for helping support people during challenging times.

Ashley has been working with esoteric and metaphysical modalities since 2013. She left her corporate marketing job in 2019 to pursue her passions full time. 

She has had the privilege of working with teachers and mentors from all across the world. She has mentored under various seasoned professionals including Mediums, Psychics, Astrologist and Reiki Masters.


Ashley is an active member of the spiritual community regularly attending and teaching workshops and master classes. Her work is always evolving, its a life long vocation and she is dedicated to continuous learning and advancing in her field of work and studies to better serve her clients.

Readers and Practitioners receive a commission from C.F.OS. Remaining monies go to C.F.OS.