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The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists maintains relationships with other Spiritualist

and academic organizations in North America and around the world.

We believe there is no room for ego and competition in the spiritualist community, and that we are all interconnected. It is important to work in harmony with other groups to provide a safe haven for people to come together to learn and continue on their path to understanding the Divine / Creator / God / Universal Spirit or whatever name/title they resonate with.

We believe that our spiritual journey is not singular, and that we are all interconnected, and that we can work together in love and light to discover the truth and wisdom we are seeking and help others with their own personal journey and spiritual growth. 


We encourage spiritual growth at our own gatherings and work hand-in-hand with other organizations and churches world wide to help promote the philosophy of spiritualism.

As we reach out to other people, groups and organizations involved in the Spiritualist Community we will regularly update this page as we make new contacts and affiliations. The end go is to provide a source of contacts for fellow spiritual travellers so they can find places to explore their spiritual growth with like-minded individuals.

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