Claude Brault


In my early childhood, I used to see people that had passed away in my room and of course at that time it was chalked up to an imaginary friend. This went on for years and I started to believe this was what was happening so I eventually just ignored it for forty years.

When I met my wife Gloria she questioned me about this as she knew something unusual was going on. After our conversation, she took me with her mother to the Oshawa Spiritual Church and then the light bulb went on what had been happening.

While living in the Waterdown/Burlington area I became involved with the Cambridge Church “The First Church of Galt” and then after discovering there was a spiritualist group in Burlington I became involved with the Spiritualist Society of Burlington for many many years.

Claude has studied all over the world with many different teachers. Some of them are

Rev. Celeste Elliot (Lilydale NY), Rev. James Kinnear (Burlington ON), Rev. Janet Nohavec (New Jersey), Claire Ziritt (Belfast Ireland), Sandra Klinger (Ohio), Joseph Shiel (New Jersey) and Penny Hayward (Australia).  

After moving to Peterborough, I continued my development through courses with renowned Mediums all over the world. Some of them are:

Rev. Celeste Elliot (Lilydale NY)

Rev. James Kinnear (Burlington ON)

Rev. Janet Nohavec (New Jersey)

Claire Ziritt (Belfast Ireland)

Sandra and Sharon Klinger (Ohio)

Joseph Shiel (New Jersey)

and Penny Hayward (Australia)  

Victor Abbott (Lily Dale NY)

and Rev Karen Willis (Great Britain).

I have also studied Astrology and Numerology and can bring that insight into your reading.

Currently, my wife Gloria and myself teach meditation and spiritual development in our home town of Peterborough.


I am a former founder and Board Member of Kawartha Spiritualist Society.

I have been a guest speaker and brought messages from Spirit at:

Lily Dale, NY

Kawartha Spiritualist Society, Peterborough

Oshawa Star of Hope

Cobourg Eternal Hope

Spiritual Society of Burlington

Peterborough Spiritualist Centre

Divine Light Spiritual Foundation

The Canadian Fellowship of  Spiritualists is happy to have Claude working with them. He is a gifted medium and can do readings in both English and French.

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