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Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualist is fortunate to have many great people who tirelessly serve the Fellowship in many ways. Among them are our Ministers, Mediums and Healers and Fellowship friends.

These volunteers run development circles, meditation evenings, workshops and help organize the various events we have during the year. Some serve on the Board and in other Fellowship committees. No matter how they serve, these individuals are truly the pillars of our Spiritual community.

Some of these individuals also offer private mediumship readings. To assist with our ongoing Fundraising they have offered to donate a portion of the monies collected from bookings received via CFOS. 

Private Reading Fundraising

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Types of Readings Available


Reading prices vary based on the length of time you choose for your reading.

Reading prices are the same price regardless of reading type with the exception of an In-Your-Home.

In-Your- Home readings normally have a slightly higher cost. The reason is the medium has to travel to your home and there may be an additional travelling cost.


In-Your home In-person readings have limited travel range, contact us to see if you are within the travel range. 

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60 Minute Readings


45 Minute Readings


30 Minute Readings


15 Minute Readings


Due to the COVID-19 all readings / sessions are currently offered remotely via Zoom, Skype or by phone. 

Gift Certificates

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Looking for a unique gift for friends and loved ones?


Why not treat someone to that perfect personal gift with a Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists Gift Certificate. 

Gift certificates can be purchased in

$5, $10, $20, $50 & $100 denominations and can be redeemed towards a reading, workshop, class or information talk which will be held through the year by CFOS.

For more information how to purchase

a CFOS gift certificate please email

Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists

gift certificates do not expire.

A portion of the gift certificate money 

will go to the individual providing a service, teaching special events or

leading circles and classes. The remaining

portion will go to the ll go the Canadian

Fellowship of Spiritualists for fundraising, so you can feel good knowing that by

purchasing a gift certificate you will also be assististing the Fellowship.

Classes, Circles and Workshops

We consider our Fellowship to be a teaching Spiritual Organization. We offer many interesting development circles / programs and seminars that are held throughout the year to assist you with your spiritual growth and development.

The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists is financially supported solely by the donations of those who attend our classes, circles, activities and events


By attending one of these events you are contributing to the Fellowship and in turn helping it to flourish and continue to provide opportunities to those individuals who are seeking spiritual and personal growth in a safe environment with like-minded people.

We appreciate your support and thank

you in advance for your contributions.

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Psychic / Gathering of Mediums Fair Fundraiser

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The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists

holds our Psychic Fair and Gathering of Mediums Fairs several times a year.


This events are our main fundraising venues and the money generated from them allow us to have a flexible operating budget and help us continue to keep our doors open and to assist those in need of spiritual enlightenment, support and healing.

Learn More about CFOS's Psychic Fair

Donations to the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists

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The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists is made up of people who believe that there is an infinite source of abundance, goodness and possibilities available to create thriving, dynamic lives. Giving of our time, talents, resources and service to others is a natural outcome of living our spiritual faith and practices.


We believe that giving enriches the giver. There are so many ways to support the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists. 

We welcome monetary gifts of any size (cash, cheque, credit card and Interac).  We also welcome legacy gifts, in-kind gifts of securities and services, event support and, of course, the gift of your time!

Gifts can be made to our Operating Fund, Capital Fund or Endowment Fund on a one-time basis or in the form of a pledge over several years. We are also grateful for multi-year pledges as they help provide stability to programs by ensuring cash flow.

The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists is a volunteer operated non-profit organization that relies on donations and monies raised via fundraisers and events to cover costs and thrive.


Money generated from the above fundraising events allow  us to keep our doors open and to assist those in need of  spiritual enlightenment, support and healing.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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