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Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists Bylaws
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The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists is in the process of developing our By-Laws. We

will post them here as soon as they are finished. In the meantime please read about the

Mission and Vision we have for the Fellowship.

CFOS Mission and Vision

We are a heart-centered spiritualist fellowship which is dedicated to

empowering personal transformation and growth. We help

those seeking to explore and experience their connection to

the Divine though education, healing and spirit communication.

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We work together with all in harmony, towards these common goals

To assist all those who seek spiritual fulfillment.


To minister to those seeking enrichment of body, mind and spirit

through teaching, healing, and prayerful thought.


To demonstrate and provide proof the soul continues after death and

communication with those who have crossed over is possible.


To create a nurturing, welcoming and loving atmosphere, where individuals

can explore and discover their divinity and are encouraged to do so.


To provide a place where freedom of thought, self-expression

and confidence in one’s uniqueness can grow.


To live our lives knowing the connecting link between

the Creator and ourselves is always open.


Living in love and light is our main goal, and we try to

share this with all around us.


To allow all we do as Spiritualists to be prompted by

compassion and infused with the power of the Spirit.


Realization that true love and kindness

are what bring love and kindness to all.


We acknowledge and understand fear is the root cause of all negativity.


Those elected to leadership of the CFOS will serve the membership in a moral,

ethically fair, unbiased and open-minded manner. They will promote growth

and the advancement of the fellowship in a responsible way that is free

of ego, exclusivity and self-glorifying based behaviours.


Dedicated to furthering the science, philosophy, and religion

of Modern Spiritualism and its principles, within ourselves and the community.


To preach and advance the teachings of the Spiritualists faith and the religious

tenets, doctrines, observances, and culture associated with that faith.