How to Book a Reading

Mediums have different ways they get messages from the spiritual realm. 


The type of reading the mediums give will be based on how they  receive messages from spirit.  


You can find the type of readings they offer in their bio


Select the type of reading you would

like to have based on the medium of choice and the style of readings they offer.

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1. Check our our mediums" bios and see what extraordinary individuals they are!

2. Go to the CFOS shop page and select the medium's name and click to open link.

3. Choose the length of reading you would like.

4. Follow shopping cart directions and pay for your reading. 

5. After CFOS receives confirmation of payment the medium will contact you via email and offer you at least three different dates and times that they are available.


6. Select the date/time that works for you or if none of the times work for you respond to the medium and let them know the dates/times that could work for you. The medium and you will work together to arrange for your reading at a mutually agreeable time.


Enjoy your reading we thank you for helping us with our fundraising.

Fellowship Mediums

Joann Anderson

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Erma MacDonald

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