Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualist Board of Directors

We gather together as a fellowship with like-minded people celebrating our mutual love of Spirit and to explore the principles, teachings, philosophy and beliefs of the Spiritualist religion.


At the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists we offer a sense of community and support to all who come through our doors regardless of their beliefs and denomination.

We consider ourselves blessed to have a wealth of excellent mediums, healers and guest speakers; of whom we consider to be friends, who frequently join us to work within our sacred space. Our friends each bring their own unique talent and expertise contributing to the positive and loving energy that is such an important part of our Fellowship. 

CFOS is grateful for these special people in their service to the Creator.

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Joann Anderson

CFOS President & Founder

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Erma MacDonald

CFOS Treasurer & Founder

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Outreach Social Media Director

The Board members of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists are always available to deal with any problems or issues you may have. You are free to reach out to us at any time.