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We gather together as a fellowship with like-minded people celebrating our mutual love of Spirit and to explore the principles, teachings, philosophy and beliefs of the Spiritualist religion.


At the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists we offer a sense of community and support to all who come through our doors regardless of their beliefs and denomination.

We consider ourselves blessed to have a wealth of excellent mediums, healers and guest speakers; of whom we consider to be friends, who frequently join us to work within our sacred space. Our friends each bring their own unique talent and expertise contributing to the positive and loving energy that is such an important part of our Fellowship. 

CFOS is grateful for these special people in their service to the Creator.


About Joann

Joann is the Founder & President of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists, a Medium, Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and is the Author of "God Speaks" series.

Joann is a gifted and experienced spiritual medium who provides her clients with encouraging and inspiriting guidance. Her aim is to help pinpoint blocks that may be holding them back from living life to their highest, unlimited potential.

Joann had her first interaction with Spirit while attending an Evangelist service in her hometown with a family friend around the age of 13. She was not use to attending religious services so when the audience was directed to stand up at one point in the service she did not understand why, she simply followed the crowd and stood up too. It was in that moment that she experienced what she understood to be God literally fill her body with a loving energy of light. While completely engulfed in the beautiful energy she thought "If this is what religion is all about I'm all for it". This started her search for spiritual understanding and set the foundation for her journey to Spiritualism.​

Searching for answers Joann found a small group of women called the Tri-ethereal Group. This group worked with the spiritual realm and one of the three women was a trance channel. We often held circles and received guidance from spirit. This is also where she received experience of working with spirits that had not moved onto the light. This was exciting work to help individuals dealing with active spirits in their homes. The group was called to help discern what was happening at the homes and after doing so helped the spirits cross (spirit rescue) over to the light. This was very rewarding work because it helped the families that were dealing with the spirits and helped the spirits finally move on and no longer be trapped on our plane.  

Years later spirit lead Joann to the Britten Memorial Spiritual Church and this is where she began official training as a medium and took various spiritual development classes and educational classes on Spiritualism. Working with spirit Joann had been writing out messages she was receiving from spirit and eventually as her confidence grew she began sharing these writings with the congregation not just her classmates. She delivered these messages as a lecturer for the church and was a student medium as well. Eventually she served on the board for the church before spirit lead her to the next leg of her spiritual journey.

Upon spirit's direct Joann branched into teaching others spiritual development classes and how to communicate

with the Angels and the spiritual realm. During this same period of time she was asked by spirit to write a book.

She had been writing with spirit for a long time already so she happily agreed not knowing what she would be writing. Working with spirit she transcribed the book "God Speaks - Memoirs for God". Although she has not yet published the book she knows spirit is moving her in that direction and is looking forward to sharing the words of wisdom with others.

With confidence growing she began to give private readings upon spirit's encouragement. Working with spirit in this way is extremely rewarding and being able to help others with various aspects of their life is a wonderful experience. A private reading is a longer version of a message you might receive while attending a Spiritualist Church service. The big difference is that the person getting the reading gets a longer, more in depth reading but the source of the reading is the same. The source being from spirit, loved ones that have passed, ascended masters and even the Angels or a mix of them.  

Joann has also studied various healing modalities such E.F.T, Chakra Healing, IET, Spiritualist healing instruction with Britten Memorial Church, and several levels of Quantum Touch modality and she is a Reiki Master. Although she knows her main calling is not to be an energy healer these classes have helped strengthen her bond with spirit.

Continuing her search for spiritual knowledge Joann found the Church of Universal Love. She has taken various courses with them and has served Church of Universal Love as a medium during various events. Joann also served the COUL Board as a Director until July 2018.


After leaving COUL Spirit encouraged and guided Joann to create the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S.).

Not only is Joann is one of C.F.O.S.'s founders but she is also the president.  C.F.O.S is a heart-centered spiritual community that is dedicated to empowering personal transformation and growth. Joann seeks to help like-minded spiritual seekers that are looking to explore and experience their connection to the Divine.


Joann is very much invested in C.F.O.S. and she is their lead medium and facilitator and has developed most of the programs and special events they offer. Her focus is to assist you in your spiritual grown through education, healing and spirit communication.

Joann has been working with spirit for 40+ years and she also helps individuals through private spiritual readings, spiritual mentoring/life coaching and she assists people that are dealing with spiritual energies and influences. She offers spirit rescue, haunting, and property clearing services. 

Joann loves helping people and being of service to spirit in whatever capacity that looks like.


Erma MacDonald Bio

CFOS Treasurer, Founder, Medium, Healer and Teacher

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Type of Readings

As a young girl Erma was exposed to the Spirit world within her own family. Her mother was able to communicate with deceased loved ones and read tea leaves and playing cards. Erma has always believed in spirit because spirit was always around her and she could sense it. Erma was able to see things that others were not, she often had dreams that would come true.

Erma’s real journey into Spiritualism started in 2012 after her husband passed over. Her husband had been ill for many years and the last year of his life was particularly hard.


After her husband passed Erma’s daughters decided that she needed a new beginning. The three of them  arranged for her to go stay with her youngest daughter who lives in northern California.


Her daughter gave Erma a CD, telling her that it had really moved her. So, Erma watched the movie. It was called

“The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and the movie moved her and changed her. The next day she felt compelled to join an online mediumship class and to start working on being a healer.


Erma began researching and reading everything she could to find about mediumship and about angels. She was soon guided by spirit to a Spiritualist church located in a little town near her daughter’s horse farm that had been there for 150 years. After visiting the church she felt a shift in her life and the spiritual transformation is still occurring even today.


After a rejuvenating six months in California with her daughter Erma returned home and immediately started

searching for Spiritualist churches so she could continue her mediumship and spiritual development.


She found the Spiritualist Church of Galt. The church was quite a distance away from her home in Etobicoke and

a while later her car quit working. Erma had to stop her mediumship development classes for awhile but during

her visits to the church she connected with a very important person over a weekend event in Galt.


That person would become a teacher and mentor to Erma a few months in the future. She met this lady at

the weekend class with Rev. Joseph Shiel from Lilydale. Rev Shiel is an amazing medium and teacher.


Erma was unable to do one of the exercises but she was paired with this special lady. Erma had to give her a

reading, but was having trouble. The Gal took Erma’s hands and said try now,much to Erma’s surprise it worked.

Later on she told Erma about a Spiritualist church in Toronto. Unable to find that church at first, she eventually found Springdale Spiritualist church. Unfortunately the trip to Springdale from Etobicoke without a car was just too long.

Continuing to research Spiritualist Churches in Toronto Spirit lead her to The Church of Universal Love which

at the time was located in the library at Bathurst and Lawrence. The Church was only a twenty minute bus ride from where she was living and Erma attended her first service in October of 2013.


Church of Universal Love was just what Erma was looking for, friendly people, interesting services, messages

and healing. By Christmas she had become a member and was already volunteering to help on the board as assistant to the president and treasurer.


Over the years Erma has taken many spiritual development classes. As a result she is a certified healer, a trance

healer, a medium and an animal communicator. She particularly enjoys the animal communication part of her spiritual journey and has had many fascinating experiences with our animal friends.


Erma’s 50 years of experience in business, her accounting experience several years as an executive secretary for

a not for profit organization were a great help. Erma would soon become the treasurer and then the president of the Church of Universal Love.


After serving COUL for several years Erma resigned her position as President in June of 2018 due to health challenges she was facing.


As one door closes and another one opens. Erma’s intention was to take time to rest and regain her health, but

Spirit has laid a path before her that she knows is her next step forward on her spiritual journey. In July 2018 Erma became one of three founders of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists in Toronto. Erma is not yet out of the woods regarding her health challenges but she has noticed an improvement as she moves forward in the co-creation of CFOS.


Erma loves working with spirit and is looking forward to serving others in this new venture they put before her to participate in. She is excited about the possibilities with the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists and the promotion of Spiritualism in our city and across Canada.


Susan Kronick Bio

CFOS Outreach Social Media Director, Developing   Medium and Tech Wizard 

Susan Kronick is a member Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists and a developing medium and our computer tech.


Susan is the Director of our Outreach Social Media Committee and has been instrumental in moving our gatherings to an online format. Thank you, Susan, for getting us up and running online and making today’s gathering possible.


Susan is also a professional photographer specializing in wildlife and pets.

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