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Due to the COVID-19 all readings / sessions are currently offered remotely via Zoom, Skype or by phone. 

If you ever want to know how your pet is feeling, thinking or need to communicate big life changes such as a move, a break up, a vacation or a difficult unresolved situation, a pet reading is a great way to minimize the stress for you animal and allow you to focus on what you need to do.


Animals are much happier if they are told of difficult family situations. They tend to get stressed when we get stressed. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles or any domesticated species will want to help.

Pets appreciate the acknowledgment and information and always have a lot to say about your choices. It is an easy way to begin to hear what you pet has to say and usually opens the door to real communication with your furry friend.

Your pets are unique individuals. They sometimes have needs, wants and issues at home that need to be communicated. If not, some of the situations quickly become very stressful for your animal. These needs and wants can be quickly communicated and appropriate words and actions can bring a measure of peace to your pet.

A Pet Reading gives you the chance to find out more about why your pet is behaving in a certain way, to ask any questions you have about their health and wellbeing, or to simply find out what your pet wants to say on a particular subject. Cats, dogs, birds, horses, snakes, fish…it doesn’t matter what type of pet you have. Any animal is capable of sending thoughts to

communicate back to you and put your mind at ease.


Pet Readings are particularly useful if you are concerned about your pet and wish to hear their own perspective on an issue – and as we all know, our friends in the animal kingdom certainly have personalities of their own which are able to communicate very clearly what it is they want to say. 

An animal communicator is a person who loves and cares about animals, someone who can be empathetic and understanding of an animal's feelings. An animal communicator is a person who can convey thoughts and feelings between an animal and a human. They act as a translator for your pet. 

Most people know that mediums can communicate with loved ones. Luckily, their gifts aren't limited to humans.

In fact, there are numerous mediums who use their talents to connect with all types of animals who are walking among us as well as those who have passed over. These type of mediums are animal communicators. 

Animal Communicator Erma MacDonald

Can an Animal Communicator Speak with Deceased Animals?

Animal communicators can communicate with the spirits of animals who have passed over and relay their messages to their owners and friends.


If you are grieving for your beloved little one who has passed into the spirit world, a Pet Reading can also provide reassurance of their ongoing survival and offer you signs which show they are doing well and even visit you from time to time.

If you're curious as to what your cat thought of your tender love and care as a pet parent, or just want to know how your dog is faring on the other side, speaking to an animal communicator can help. Using their gift they can communicate with your dear companion once they have crossed over. Hearing just a few of  your pets thoughts might be enough to help you get through the grieving process a little easier.

Our beloved pets will pass on and drop their physical body. The pain of this loss for their carers is often overwhelming, whether a pet's death is sudden or expected.

Signs from our deceased pets

When a pet dies, whether it is sudden or unexpected, the grief a person experiences can be devastating. Most every animal you´ve lived with, be it a dog, cat, bird or any other species they will try to communicate and visit with you after their passing. It is usually the depth of your grief that blocks this.

Be Open to Receiving Signs from your Deceased Pet

Dreams are a common way that our beloved pets can communicate with us.

You may see their energetic form out of your peripheral vision.

Your nose may smell them as they spirit walk past you.

Your pet´s presence can be felt around the house or car sometimes. It is not your imagination. They really are with you visiting, checking up or just being there for you. Have a silent chat with them.

Sometimes electrical disturbances occur. It could be your dog or cat or another

type of animal. Be aware of what you were thinking when it happened.

Bedtime is a common place to feel them snuggling with you energetically.

Especially if they slept on that bed.

If you have other pets, there is a strong possibility that your other animals can see them and can interact.

Pet Healings

When pets get sick the first step is to take them to the Vet. Sometimes conditions are hard to diagnose. Sometimes medications have side effects. Occasionally a condition can have a basis in a toxic household substance or a severe emotion state.


Animals often have solutions for their condition. During an Animal Communication reading, a pet will often refer their symptoms to the animal communicator when they tune into them.

The animal communicator will usually check out their energy body/aura for imbalances and listen to what your pet has to say about their illness.


Remote pet energy healing is possible. Listening to what needs to change in their diet, specific natural remedies are suggested and even telling them how important a particular medication is for their well being can be part of the healing. This may or may not be a cure all, however you will know exactly what your pet is experiencing and make decisions about their health which includes your pets important input.

Animal communication is just that - communication. It is not a replacement for veterinary care.

The animal communicator can explain what your animal is feeling or where on his/her body there is discomfort, but they cannot diagnose an illness or ailment. If something in you is telling you to contact a veterinarian, do not hesitate; that could be your pet asking for help.

Finding a Lost Pet

When a pet disappears it can be a very stressful time.


After doing a good first search and then doing all standard things

- contact neighbours,vets, pounds, posters up, Facebook etc.


You may sense or feel the need for extra assistance. If so, see below to book an pet reading with Erma MacDonald as soon as possible - we understand the urgency of the situation and will try to assist however we can. 

The medium prepares for this reading by tuning into your pet and looking through their eyes for visual clues and listening to their story, getting as much information as they can. After they receive information from your pet you will have your appointment with them. Especially in this type of reading it is imperative that the medium has a photo of your dog so you will have to have one that can be sent via email to them.

Animals have a deep electro – magnetic connection to the earth and to you. If you can stay calm when you talk to your lost pet telepathically, it can help them to locate you. They can find their way home or tell you where they are. However, sometimes their destiny will take another 'path.'

Pets get lost for many reasons and sadly none of them will make you feel better. Some dogs and cats just like an adventure and don't realize the consequences of going out of their territory. Animals can lose their way after a scare, a big noise, a threat from other animal or person, wandering in an unfamiliar area. 

Some pets are sick and old want to be alone or in nature. Other pets disappear when we go on vacation or long work trips. Some dogs and cats are stolen. Animals may not like it, but understand we cannot be with them always. Make sure you tell them you are going and will be back in however many days.

And, finally, if your pet is lost, an animal communicator may be able to help you find your beloved pet. As in lost object readings, an animal communicator can perceive and convey images, smells and sounds that can help you pinpoint the location of your lost animal.

Pet Behaviour Issues

Phobias, Anxiety,

Emotional Disorders

and Behaviour Issues

Pets can have behaviour issues that originate from many different experiences in their past, present and occasionally in their genetic make up. When you bring a new pet into your home, especially a rescued pet, this can also cause initial or continuing  issues with your other pets.

Some pets become phobic or excessively fearful about doing particular things or hearing certain sounds. All species have their biological nature, however they too experience trauma, illness, fear, confusion, abandonment and other emotional states, in their own individual way. It is possible to de-stress and change behaviour of the vast majority of pets quickly, when they communicate the reasons of why and when the behaviour began.

Dogs can have many types of behaviour problems. Usually occurring by trauma and issues from past situations. These experiences can trigger fearful, depressed, confused, obsessive or aggressive expression with other animals or people.


Pets can take on their carer´s emotional problems in an effort to help, however that can end in very unnecessary stress for an animal.

Through an animal communication session, the first thing to do is find out from the dog about its past history, it´s fears and confusion and any past trauma.  Once a pet understands why and what behaviour is unacceptable, a rapid transformation of the pet´s habits or destructive ways is common.

When your Beloved Pet is Dying

When Your Animal is dying, animal communication helps in farewell days.


The dying process especially can be transformed into much profound experience; the person can feel more peace and acceptance of his or her animal companions passing.


 There is often much guilt and fear when an animal companion might be close to death.


Using an Animal Communication session

at those times can help people relieve their guilt and make the “letting go” much easier for both.


Most owners want to know the last words of their beloved animal companion and made great effort to honour them before the animal passed on.

Animal Communication is only a vehicle for animals to speak their wishes from their heart, sometimes the animal's thinking may not be considered realistic and at some circumstances that you may not be able to fulfil them, please do not feel bad about it. We can only do our best but sometimes we have limitations.


Your pet will not be angry or hate you if you have to make a decision that is different from what they have communicated they would like to see transpire. Your pet will understand whatever decision you make and will still love you unconditionally no matter what.

How does it work?

The medium meditates and connects with your pet/s so it is important to tell them beforehand that there is someone who can hear them and they will be listening to all their problems. It enables your pet to be prepared with their questions and issues.  (This allows your pets to get their list ready.)

If your pet is lost you can still this message out mentally to your pet, they will receive it even if you aren't sure they will.

During an animal communication session the medium will engage in a variety of  techniques that allow them to tune in with your pet, including internal imagery, body sensations and emotions. 


They will use whatever method allows them to communicate the best with your pet and that varies from pet to pet and situation to situation.

Because the communication with your pet is done telepathically, it can be done from any distance and your pet does not have to be physically present at the time of your reading.

Preparing for Your Animal Reading

There are a few steps that you will need to do to prepare

for your animal communication reading.

The medium needs the name of your animal, the breed/species and your location.


You will need to have a photo of your pet/s that you can send via email to the medium, ( it does not matter how new or old the photo is).


Make a list of all the issues you are having with your pet, be it physical, behavioural, phobias, poor toilet problems, anything.

The list of questions you would like to have answered.

If there are others living in your home, ie: spouse, roommate, children etc. Pets talk a lot about the people they live with.

LOST PETS - The medium will need the exact location where your pet was last seen and any odd circumstances happening beforehand. 

What Happens Next?

If the reading is for a LOST pet you need to make sure that we know this immediately.

Once you decide that you would like to have an animal communication reading you need to:

Go to shop page at:

and choose the length of reading you would like to have. 

Once we have received payment the medium will contact you via email or phone and schedule a date/time for your reading.

All major credit cards are accepted securely through PayPal.

The Animal Communicator will check in with your pet a few times before contacting you with the results of your reading.

There are a few reasons the animal communicator will do this.


Your pet may not feel like communicating with them at the initial time they check in with your pet. It's hard to believe but pets

are just like us, sometimes just don't feel like being social.


Your pet might be busy sleeping, eating or playing and they don't want to take the time to communicate right then and there.


Some pets need extra time to communicate and by touching in with them a few times it gives them extra opportunities to talk to the animal communicator without feeling pressured.

Some pets are uncertain of having a stranger talking to them and they initially aren't game to cooperate.

And some pets are stubborn and will do things on their time and at their pace.

In the event of a LOST pet the animal communicator will try to expedite gathering the information for you. If your pet cooperates they can provide you with information quickly. Sometimes the lost pet is confused or frightened and it may take the animal communicator additional time to get the information for you, but trust they do understand the urgency of the situation and they are doing their best to reunite you with your pet with you.

The process can take a bit of time depending on your pets cooperation so please allow for this. Once the animal communicator has received enough information they will send the answers to you via email. They will also call you to follow up on your reading and to see if you need additional clarification.

Our beloved companions are only to happy to communicate with us and your pet really does understand when we talk to them. Understanding doesn't necessarily mean they will do what you want them to but they do listen. Animals have opinions just like humans do. they will often remark on  their human friends, their food, their likes and dislikes, their wants and needs. They can be quite humorous or very serious and practical. They might be very detailed or extremely vague depending on the importance of the topic. The conversation can range from very brief answers to whole paragraphs.

If you are interested in finding out what your pet has to say then an Animal Communication Reading is perfect type of reading for you.

Erma is also a gifted psychic / medium. If you are interested in a psychic/mediumship type reading rather than a pet reading visit:


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