Spiritual Medium Andrew Lindsay is a highly sought after spiritualist evidential medium and mentor

based in Central Scotland. His exceptional accuracy and loving way when communicating

to our spirit loved ones speaks for itself. 

For the last 20 years Andrew has worked full-time with spirit by delivering personal sittings as well as offering demonstrations of mediumship in Halls and Theatres. He continues to serve S.N.U and other spiritualist

organizations throughout Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Europe, American and Canada.


Andrew is invited worldwide not only for demonstrations of mediumship, but to also mentor at self-development &

spiritual growth seminars. Andrew's His spiritual growth and mediumistic development workshops and seminars have

had him mentoring in Israel, The Canary Islands, Mainland Europe, Egypt, Russia, Canada, America to name a few.


Andrew  basically embraced this journey with spirit after years of fighting against it. Andrew was around

20 years old when he  accepted the request from spirit to share communication after a spirit

encounter asked him to. Andrew has worked for and with spirit “full time” ever since.

Andrew will do his best to give as many messages as possible, but due to the

number of attendees we cannot guarantee messages for everyone.

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